We Are So Surprised That You Still Don’t Have These 10 Versatile Products

7 months ago

In the past, the ancient Greeks used large clay jars for storing and transporting olive oil, grain, and other things. They were called amphorae. These universal containers were indispensable to their daily lives with their multi-functional capabilities.

Some versatile products have come a long way, and now, we can’t imagine our reality without a lot of them. So, today we carefully prepared a list of useful things that are here to save the day!

1. This J-shaped travel pillow with a 3-way support system will give you the ultimate comfort wherever you decide to take a nap. By filling the gap between your head and shoulders, this product will prevent your chin from falling forward, which means no more stiff neck!

This product will keep your head, chin, and neck elevated and supported while you sleep. The pillow will provide much-needed comfort because of the soft fleece outside and memory foam inside. It also has its own carrying case and is easy to take with you.

Promising review:

It’s never going to be the perfect scenario on a plane, but it’s definitely made sleeping on longer flights easier. Less neck pain, it holds your head in place, and it’s much more comfortable than those usual C-shaped neck pillows. — Jonny Park

2. Keep your hands warm for 12+ hours in every situation, with this 100% natural product. These warmers are air-activated, and the package includes 10 pairs. Each pair is individually removable.

These hand warmers will come in handy whether you are going to the market, for a walk, or hiking.

How to use:

  • Open the packaging and take the hand warmers out.
  • Put the pads where necessary: into gloves or your pockets.
  • They will heat themselves up when coming into contact with the air.

Promising review:

Honestly, I did not have high expectations of these, but after a few minutes, they heated up and are still piping hot 8 hours later! I suffer from Raynaud’s, and these are way more convenient than something you have to charge. They fit nicely into your pocket and are actually very comfortable to hold. I really can’t believe how long they hold such a high temperature. Delighted, I ordered a box of 40. — Dolers

3. Stay hydrated with the help of this motivational, leak-proof water bottle. It has a portable handle and a handy removable strap. And due to its non-slip base, it can be placed on many surfaces without slipping.

The water bottle comes with a food-grade silicone straw that has a pop-up cover. It is convenient to drink with one hand. The product is made of high-quality food-grade material. It is conveniently designed to contain the amount of water an adult should drink per day.

Promising review:

Love this bottle so much, very sturdy and doesn’t leak. Not a cheap thin plastic, it has a good thickness to it. And it’s not heavy at all. — Amazon Customer

4. If you’re experiencing a headache, neck pain, or cramps, just microwave or cool this wheat bag in the freezer and let it work its magic.

These soft, cotton fabric bags are filled with wheat from Norfolk, England. You can choose between lavender or non-scented products. They also come in different colors.

Promising review:

During the most recent cold snap, we purchased one of these each, warmed them before bed & had them with us under the duvet, it was lovely and cozy. It was also really pleasant to have under my back when that was sore. They are well made and a really nice eco-friendly, low-cost extra boost to warmth. — Honest Reviews

5. Take this brilliant micro Bluetooth speaker wherever you go. This device has a wireless range of up to 30 feet and can work for up to 6 hours. Talk about convenience!

For its size, it has a very balanced sound and unmatched bass. It is extremely portable. You can attach it to your bike or your backpack with a tear-resistant strap. Take your conference or personal calls with comfort.

Promising review:

I bought this for my husband for Christmas, and he is absolutely delighted with it. We’ve used it with his phone to listen to both Spotify and iTunes. The sound is great; it could be a bit bassier, but we can live with that. For such a little thing, it pumps out the volume, and the battery lasts for ages too. Very impressed so far. — me

6. This flashlight is super bright and features an adjustable focus, making it perfect for camping trips or everyday use around the house. The zoom function is especially useful when you’re working in tight spaces.

Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or tackling household chores, this flashlight is a reliable tool you can count on. It is water-resistant, pocket-sized, and very handy to use. The quality will provide a long service life.

Promising review:

This is a really nice little torch. I’m no expert in this area, so I can’t talk about luminescence or whatever! I just wanted a good little flashlight that could stand up to taking a bit of a beating living in my rucksack pocket, and that is exactly what this is!
It’s nice and bright—more than enough for standard use. It’s small and lightweight, but it has a metal case and feels incredibly solid for this price point. It doesn’t have any fancy features, just a nice zoom that works well. Beyond having some specialist need, I can’t think what more you could want out of a compact torch — it’s good enough that I’ve bought a second to keep in the house. — B. Bailey

7. Washing your clothes on the go? Easy! With this concentrated washing gel, you will have no problem with it. This product will be very handy whether you like to hike or backpack. It will keep your clothes clean and smelling nice.

This gel is a game-changer! It is specially formulated to use away from home. You can use it in any type of water.

How to use:

  • Dissolve 1 or 2 teaspoons of the wash gel into a basin of water.
  • Wash your clothes.
  • Rinse them thoroughly.
  • * If you have heavily stained clothes, apply the gel directly to the stain, scrub, and then wash thoroughly.

Promising review:

I bought these when we were going abroad for spot washing clothes as there were no laundry facilities, and having a toddler, it was very needed. It smelled delightful and got the clothes clean. Very easy to use — we just squirted some into a sink of warm water, gave the clothes a scrub, and rinsed them out in the shower. I’ll be doing the same whenever we go camping too, and it’s so small that it takes up next to no room in the luggage. — IcameIsawIbought

8. Take a glimpse at this extremely slim-sized charger that has a lot of power and durability. Aside from the top-quality design, its high-speed work is quite impressive.

You can safely use this airline-friendly power bank on a flight, and stay powered up on any journey. Advanced temperature control and a fireproof casing will make the device as safe as possible.

The package includes:

  • A power bank
  • A micro USB cable
  • A welcome guide
  • A lifetime warranty and friendly customer service

Promising review:

Very useful. Slim and easy to take with me on travels. Charges my iPhone 11 fairly fast. — Amazon Customer

9. This phone holder is a perfect example of what happens when practicality meets style. It is easily adjustable and has multiple viewing angles.

The minimalistic design is at the same time quite functional — it conveniently allows you to charge the device while using it. Your phone will be accommodated with solid support, and rubber cushions will protect it from sliding.

Promising review:

I absolutely love it! It keeps my phone propped upright & stable when I’m cooking a recipe on it. No more pages closing after 60 seconds! What a joy!!
Also relieves my hand ache. My phone is big, and my hand is small. Spending a long time on it results in a very stiff and painful hand because of the extended stretch at quite an awkward angle. The phone stand is smaller, easier to hold in an unstrained position, and less prone to changing pages because I accidentally bumped it. Another joy!
And since I’ve had it, I haven’t mislaid the phone once. It’s always on the stand in the same place—another joy! It’s sturdy, has a sleek modern look, and adheres to all household surfaces I’ve put it on. It adheres perfectly to the back of the phone, which is also held securely by 2 metal feet.
I can’t understand why I never thought of getting one years ago. It’s also a brilliant small gift or stocking filler. Super happy, definitely recommend it. — S. Bottaro

10. This USB charging water pump will be a lifesaver on a camping trip and a handy upgrade for your at-home routine. The product sits perfectly. You can use it for hand washing and even bathing, not just for drinking water.

Easy to use: just press the button, then press it again to stop. The battery charge can last for 30-40 days. That means it can work on 4-6 barrels of 5-gallon water.

Promising review:

Works well. A tad noisy, though nothing to complain about. I’m happy with it. Obviously, a more expensive one may be quieter if the noise were to bother you.
I will be purchasing another to put in the bathroom for the toddler. Happy with my purchase! :) - Blueberry Berry

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