We Imagined 15 Bald Celebs With a Full Head of Hair, and They Look Irresistible

3 years ago

For some celebrities, the bald style is their signature look and the thing that makes them so alluring. But imagining Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, and The Rock with a full head of hair might make you think twice.

We at Bright Side decided to photoshop hair on famous bald men to give you a general idea of what they would look like. And we had a good time and enjoyed the results.

1. Jason Statham

2. Vin Diesel

3. Dwayne Johnson

4. Billy Zane

5. Bruce Willis

6. Patrick Stewart

7. Samuel L. Jackson

8. Prince William

9. Terry Crews

10. Stanley Tucci

11. Laurence Fishburne

12. Howie Mandel

13. Taye Diggs

14. Michael Chiklis

15. Pitbull

Which celebrity did you like more with hair than without? Why? Is there another celebrity you would like to add to the list?


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