What 11 Celebs Would Look Like If They Fit the Golden Ratio

2 years ago

Each era had its own beauty standards, but the golden ratio is still used in many fields where symmetry and proportions are a priority. People used to apply this measurement system to help them understand which faces were considered attractive and which were not.

We at Bright Side made our own experiment and applied the Golden Ratio to some celebs. Here are the results that you can look over and make your own conclusions about.

1. Salma Hayek

2. Dua Lipa

3. Megan Fox

4. Monica Bellucci

5. Billie Eilish

6. Zoë Kravitz

7. Zendaya

8. Jennifer Lopez

9. Lady Gaga

10. Blake Lively

11. Carrie-Anne Moss

What celebrity is your beauty standard? What do you think about beauty procedures that can improve the shape of your face?

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