What 15 Iconic Celebrities Look Like Now, Decades Later

2 years ago

We get used to seeing our favorite actors almost every day, but decades pass by, and they age like all mortals do. Some of them have experienced slight changes, even after 20 years, and others look like completely different people.

We at Bright Side picked out 15 of our favorite celebrities and compared them with how they looked decades earlier, and the results are very interesting.

1. Richard Gere

2. Helen Mirren

3. Christopher Walken

4. Isabelle Huppert

5. Javier Bardem

6. Robert De Niro

7. Vin Diesel

8. Uma Thurman

9. Renée Zellweger

10. Drew Barrymore

11. Melanie Griffith

12. Bruce Willis

13. Sean Connery

14. Diane Keaton

15. Maggie Smith

Who is your favorite iconic actor? What celebrity doesn’t seem to change at all over time in your opinion?


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