What 22 Movies Would Look Like If Their Heroes Were Played by Mr. Bean

4 years ago

Rowan Atkinson is a great comedian who has become a legend worldwide. But it is not fair that we remember him mostly for his Mr. Bean character. So we decided to check how he might fit into roles that would be unusual for him and put together a list of some creative movie stills that people from all over the world created. It looks like some movies would look totally different if Atkinson played in them.

Bright Side found 22 posters of movies where Rowan Atkinson could’ve played the main role.

1. Mr. Bean! Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

2. Avatarbean... Even more wonderful things

3. Let us introduce you to Mr. Harry Bean.

4. Wolverbean: The Beginning

5. Pirates of the Carib-Bean: Pirates have never looked more awkward.

6. “Girl, You’ll Be-an A Woman Soon”

7. That feeling when a movie is sad but you can’t stop laughing.

8. The Beanfather... This could work.

9. Just laugh louder! There is a new criminal in the city.

10. Mr. Bean is so great. He could play any role.

11. Yes, please! This movie will be unbeatable.

12. Mr. Bean-Spock: “Live long and prosper.”

13. Game of Bean... Winter is coming.

14. Superbean returns and stays.

15. “And how long have you been 17?”

16. The whole story could look so different.

17. He could totally be the brother of Thor.

18. The Bean of Wall Street

19. Conan the Bean, strong and ridiculous

20. Iron Bean and his super technologies

21. Hey! It does look good!

22. Behind every great love story, is a great Bean.

Do you love this actor and would you want to see him play in these unusual roles? Tell us in the comments below and share this article with friends!


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Ahaha, this is hilarious.
I haven't watch some of the films from the list, but with Mr. Bean.. it would be impossible to resis
Who would do it with me? :)


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