What a “Situationship” Is, and How to Tell If You’re Stuck in One

3 years ago

The term “situationship” became popular in 2019 when it was used to describe a relationship history of no commitments. In the era of “no labels” and “we’re just friends,” settling down and making a commitment is not as popular as it once was. With new terms and labels popping up in recent years, the dating and relationship world has become quite tricky and confusing.

We at Bright Side have done our research on what a situationship actually is, as well as what options you may have if your find yourself in one.

The meaning behind a “situationship”

A situationship is a twenty-first century blended word that stems from the words, “situation” and “relationship.” It’s a relationship that exists without commitment and remains undefined. According to a medical expert, a situationship is “that space between a committed relationship and something that is more than a friendship, and unlike friends with benefits or [a] relationship, there isn’t a consensus on what it is.”

In a generation where phrases like “hanging out” and “swipe left” are commonly used, it is not surprising that a term like “situationships” has emerged.

Situational relationships are becoming more common.

A communications professor observed that situationships were brought about by social media pressures. In this day and age, the massive presence of social media has created “like” and “follow” obsessions among many individuals. Studies have found that people nowadays are more afraid of showing commitment on social media, leading to relationships that are more casual and neutral.

Besides popular culture, science experts observed that the young adults of today are more focused on self and career development, rather than engaging in a committed relationship. Situationships allow a person to be in somewhat of a relationship without the anxieties that come along with making time and having a commitment. Basically, in a situationship, nothing is defined and there aren’t any attachments.

A situationship has no signs or forms of commitment.

Perhaps there’s a person who you like to spend time with or someone that you think about every now and then. You’ve been on a few dates together, then there’s no contact for a few days or weeks. A strong indicator of a situationship is that there are no plans or consistency — it’s a relationship stage where you only think of the now and not of your future together.

How to ease out of a situationship

If our descriptions of this modern-day relationship term have triggered something inside you, perhaps this may be a situation that you’re in. If you’re at peace with it, then there is nothing to stress over; but if you are seeking something more than a situationship, here are some things you can try to do.

  1. Reflect: Look back at the relationship and try to remember you and your “partner.” Did this person make you happy when you spent time together? Is this a person you’d want to be committed to?
  2. Strike a conversation: If you answered yes to the 2 questions above, it may be high time to discuss your feelings with the other person. Find a quiet place where you can have an undisturbed and honest conversation, and try to explain your feelings as simple and straight to the point as possible.
  3. Be understanding: Giving in to the benefit of the doubt can yield either heartwarming or heartbreaking results. If the other person feels the same as you and you both decide to work on a committed relationship, then congratulations are in order. But if things go south, you can always use it as a learning experience.

There are both positive and negative experiences that stem from situationships.

Have you ever been in a situationship? What were the ups and downs that you went through while you were in it?


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I don't think it's wrong, it's just.. not for everyone. it may be easier and more fun but I always get too attached to just have a situationship.


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