What Can Happen to Your Skin When You Rub Ice on the Face Every Day

3 years ago

Kate Moss swears by her daily ice facials to battle early-morning puffiness. The 46-year-old model says submerging her face in a sink filled with ice and cucumber helps tighten her skin and makes her look instantly awake. While putting your face in cold water might not be for everyone, rubbing an ice cube on your skin is an easy and affordable way to achieve a flawless look.

We at Bright Side have done our research to find out how icing your face might affect your looks and how a fresh-out-of-the freezer ice cube can replace some of your favorite skincare products.

1. It makes your skin look radiant.

Massaging your face with ice makes your blood vessels constrict, and at first, lowers the blood flow to your skin. Your body starts circulating more blood to your face as a response, and as a result, you will get a healthy-looking glow.

2. It enhances the absorption of other beauty products.

Rubbing an ice cube over your cream or serum will help the product penetrate deeper into the skin. When the capillaries on your face constrict, it creates a pulling effect, which helps your skin to better absorb beauty products.

3. It may minimize dark circles.

Applying ice to your face regularly shrinks dilated blood vessels and can help you minimize dark circles and puffy eyes. Wrap an ice cube in a clean washcloth and apply it to the skin under your eyes. For better results, freeze cucumber juice and use this mixture for your eye area.

4. It makes your makeup last longer.

An ice cube or ice pack can serve as the perfect makeup primer. Rubbing ice all over your face before applying foundation will tone and tighten the skin which will help your makeup stay put a lot longer. Covering your freshly applied makeup with a thick layer of loose powder and then submerging it for 15-30 seconds in a bowl of ice-cold water will result in a perfectly matte look that stays flawless for hours. This Korean beauty hack is called “jamsu,” which is a literal translation of “diving.”

5. It softens your lips.

A gentle massage with ice cubes can do wonders for your chapped lips. Ice helps in reducing inflammation, and it can smoothen the skin on your lips.

6. It exfoliates your skin.

Milk ice cubes serve as an all-natural and pure exfoliator. Milk contains lactic acid that helps to get rid of the dead skin cells while the ice gives you radiant and healthy glowing skin.

7. It gives you an oil-free look.

Rubbing ice on your face shrinks oil-producing pores, giving you more matte-looking skin. For better results, add some lime juice to the ice to keep your skin well-nourished.

Have you ever tried ice facials? Did you notice how it affected your skin?

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it's really something how much our grannies actually know... My mother used to say to me to use ice water to wash my face every morning for a "perfect skin". I was really crazy couldn't stand cold not icy.. now I know she was right! :)

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