What Happened to 8 Twins That Were Famous in the Past

2 years ago

The hype around twins in cinema and show business can create the idols of millions of people in just the blink of an eye. But in some instances, their fame fades and they quickly become unpopular and disappear from the public view. And it’s interesting what happens to them after that.

Bright Side decided to invesigate the destiny of these popular people who were like two peas in a pod. And there’s an interesting bonus at the end.

8. Peter and David Paul

Twin bodybuilders Peter and David were well-known in 1990s. Thanks to their physical shape, they were noticed, and they starred in 12 films even though they had no acting abilities.

But the hype around the charismatic guys slowed down, and Peter and David disappeared from the world cinema. Since 2005, Peter’s been hosting his own show. And David became a professional photographer.

7. James and Oliver Phelps

Another example of people who just lucked into an acting career are the Phelps brothers. They played the Fred and George Weasley roles in Harry Potter and will be probably associated with these images for years to come.

There are no more well-known roles in their life at this time, but they’re still devoted to their career. Besides Harry Potter movies, the Phelps have had several unremarkable roles. And, what’s interesting is that they always work together.

Before his acting career, Oliver actually wanted to become a professional golfer and both brothers still love the sport. George is also interested in music and dreams of playing a bad guy in a James Bond film some day.

6. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

These cute girls have been stars almost since they were born. When Mary-Kate and Ashley were just 9 months old, they were involved in the Full House series. Later, film producers noticed the sisters and started writing scripts for feature films: To Grandmother’s House We Go, It Takes Two, Passport to Paris, and so on.

Their film career ended in 2004 when New York Minute failed at the box office. Fortunately, the girls had a backup plan.

Since they were 12, the Olsen sisters have successfully promoted their own clothing brand. So when they became unpopular in the film industry, they plunged into the world of fashion, creating clothes and accessories for women. Their brand, The Row, is pretty famous and successful.

5. Tom and Bill Kaulitz

In the early 2000s German music band Tokio Hotel, founded by twins Bill and Tom and their friends, was at the peak of popularity.

The band still exists but they aren’t as popular now. Playing the guitar and producing music for Tokio Hotel are still the main things for Tom. In 2016, Bill started his solo career along with developing their band.

4. Megan and Kathryn Prescott

These twins are well-known as Emily and Katie Fitch from Skins. They were involved in many other projects, but this one became the brightest for the young actresses.

The girls didn’t become the “new Olsen sisters.” They’ve never wanted to play roles together. Today, Megan has left her acting career and taken up bodybuilding and Kathryn still acts in films and series and works as a photographer in her free time.

3. Benji and Joel Madden

Speaking of brothers’ music bands, another one is Good Charlotte. This punk band, founded by the Madden twins, was really popular in late 1990s and early 2000s.

Today, the brothers still continue their music careers. Besides, they’re now also well-known as husbands of 2 famous blondies: Benji is married to Cameron Diaz and Joel is married to Nicole Richie.

2. Dean and Dan Caten

As kids, Canadian designer brothers, Dean and Dan Caten loved creating clothes. And they became world-famous in the 2000s. One of the brother’s specialties is creating unique outfits for stars like Madonna, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera.

Today, you can see the Dsquared² brand in boutiques in every big city. Besides casual wear, the brothers also produced sporty attire for the Olympic Games.

1. Lisa and Louise Burns

12-year-old Lisa and Louise played the creepy girls in The Shining in 1980. But they were never seen on screen again: because of these roles, drama schools refused to enroll them.

But some time ago, in honor of the anniversary of the film release, the sisters created an account on Twitter that is devoted to twins and everything connected to the film.

Bonus: Rami and Sami Malek

In 2015, Rami Malek (on the left) won over millions of hearts playing the main character in the Mr. Robot series. And not so long ago people realized that he has a twin brother, Sami. Sami Malek, who works as a teacher, is far away from the world of acting.

So do you feel nostalgic after looking through these photos? Did we miss anyone? Share it with us in the comments!


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