What Happens to Our Fat When We Lose Weight

2 years ago

Diets and body consciousness have become so popular that at least 43% of people admitted to following a certain diet over the last year. However, most of us don’t actually know what happens to our body fat when we get slimmer. In fact, how we eliminate our body fat was also a mystery to a grand parcel of doctors until very recently.

As we at Bright Side never let curiosity go unsolved, and we discovered a group of scientists that found out what really happens to fat that we lose.

Not all fat is eliminated through the bathroom.

common misconception is assuming that all of our body fat is eliminated through the bathroom. But this study revealed that, in 22 pounds of fat, only 3.5 pounds of it actually turns into water and can be transformed into urine, feces, or other bodily fluids.

It doesn’t turn into energy.

Although the majority of family doctors, dieticians, and personal trainers still think body fat turns into energy, this misconception has already been proven wrong. In fact, our energy is constant over time and can’t be added or removed, respecting the Conservation of Energy law.

We eliminate our body fat by breathing.

It can be a surprise that we actually eliminate our body fat through our lungs, but it’s true. 84% of almost everything we eat is breathed out as carbon dioxide, but unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that simply breathing will help us lose excess weight.

The secret is to eat less and move more.

If you try to breathe more just to lose weight, not only will it fail to help you, but it will also cause you to hyperventilate and become lightheaded. The secret, which has been proven by experts, is to not eat in excess and choose an exercise routine that raises your metabolic rate, like jogging or cycling.

Where did you think your body fat went? What are your methods for losing weight?

Please note: This article was updated in January 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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This is really why should listen to science or scientific proved articles with sources like this one. It's so easy to do bad on ourselves doing things we "think"are good for us :/


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