What Happens When People Take a Creative Approach to Their Vacation Photos

4 years ago

There are people who take photos of their vacations and post them on social media. And then there are those who come across these photographs and tag their family and friends in it. Who are you among these? Whoever you are, make sure that next time you compile your album, you have some trick photography included. After all, that's the trend that will make your album stand out from the rest!

Here at Bright Side, we've been inspired looking at everyone's vacation pictures online. We can't help but be inspired!

1. See you sideways!

2. "Let me help you fly a big fat red balloon."

3. The ripple effect

4. Walking on water? Really?

5. Freshly brewed coffee!

6. That's how you quench your thirst!

7. Who wouldn't want a ring like this?

8. Some carefree moments!

9. The perfect shoot location requires the perfect camera.

10. "I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky!"

11. This is mind blowin'.

12. Kissing immortality!

13. And that's how Jerry was caught!

14. Is it motion sickness?

15. That's one generous soul!

16. Someone asked her to do a peculiar yoga pose...

17. Gulliver's travels made him a hero, what's going on here?

18. Guess the ice cream flavor!

19. The sun needs some shade too!

20. That moon-rose must be expensive!

21. Call it a hangover?

22. When you follow a dress code on vacation:

23. It takes 3 to tango!

We're sure you can recall more pictures like these. Please share them with us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit max1ders / imgur, arbili / reddit


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