What the Cast From Sabrina 1996 Looks Like vs the Cast From the Netflix Version

4 years ago

23 years ago, we watched Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, on television, and now we can’t wait for the third season of the Netflix version called Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, to come out. It makes it clear that after all these years, many of us still long for the characters that captivated us in our childhood in the ’90s.

Bright Side opened a trunk of memories and took advantage of the next premiere of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to compare its characters to those from the original 1996 series.

1. Sabrina Spellman: Melissa Joan Hart / Kiernan Shipka

2. Aunt Hilda: Caroline Rhea / Lucy Davis

3. Aunt Zelda: Beth Broderick / Miranda Otto

4. Harvey Kinkle: Nate Richert / Ross Lynch

5. Salem Saberhagen is still Salem, but in the new version he doesn’t talk.

6. Sabrina’s enemy, Libby and Prudence Blackwood: Jenna Leigh Green / Tati Gabrielle

7. Sabrina’s best friend, Jenny Kelly and Rosalind Walker: Michelle Beaudoin / Jaz Sinclair

8. Sabrina’s close relative, Amanda Wiccan (cousin) and Ambrose Spellman (cousin): Emily Hart / Chance Perdomo

9. Sabrina’s favorite teacher, Mr. Pool and Mary Wardwell: Paul Feig / Michelle Gómez

10. The school’s principal, Mr. Kraft and George Hawthorne: Martin Mull / Bronson Pinchot

Who was your favorite character from the original series, and which one do you like the best now? Share your comments below!


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I wonder why they did such a big change with Libby and Prudence...


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