Why Women Have “Period Poops,” and What We Can Do About It

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For many women, period poop is totally a thing. You may have thought it was just you, but that’s probably because nobody shares this peculiarity that openly. Doctors claim that a change in the consistency, frequency, and smell of your poop during your period is absolutely common. We’ll get into this and other doozies in today’s article.

Why you poop more on your period

You should blame excessive pooping on hormones. Every month, just before the start of your period, fatty acids, also known as prostaglandins, are relaxed in the muscle tissue inside the uterus to help it shed its lining.

And the same prostaglandins can affect your bowels, leading to more poop, and, in some cases, diarrhea.

Doctors comment on it like this: “Until ovulation, the uterus is preparing to accept the egg, and once it starts, the opposite happens — it’s cleansing to get ready for the next cycle.”

You might be constipated between periods too.

Another hormone, which is period-related, can cause constipation. It’s called progesterone. The hormone helps the uterine walls to grow and thicken, and it peaks right before ovulation. A buildup of progesterone can cause bowel issues.

“Progesterone typically promotes constipation, which tends to come around ovulation or a couple of days after,” doctors say.

What you should do to cope with weird menstrual poop.

Among the most widespread pieces of advice from doctors, you ought to eat a healthy diet. You should eat foods that can prevent constipation and help pass foods smoothly.

Specialists also advise avoiding bearing down unnecessarily during bowel movements and going to the bathroom whenever you have the urge.

To prevent your tampon from coming out every time you poop, try alternatives to tampons, such as a menstrual cup, which is more likely to stay put.

What is a common problem that you have during your period? How do you usually cope with it?


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