Woman Criticised for the Outfit She Wore to a Friend’s Wedding

7 months ago

In the world of weddings, fashion choices can sometimes stir up controversy, and model Lacey-Jade Christie found herself at the center of a heated discussion after she flaunted her white dress on TikTok, showcasing a bold ensemble complete with brightly colored nails, face jewels, and accessories. Her video quickly went viral, but not for the reasons she might have expected.

“I am off to a wedding, here’s my fit,” she wrote alongside the video, setting off a flurry of comments and criticisms. Hundreds of women voiced their opinions, with many expressing concern over Lacey’s choice to wear a white dress, accusing her of attempting to steal the spotlight from the bride.

“Why would you let your friend go out looking a mess,” one woman remarked, while another added, “I thought it was something she had put on while she was getting ready. Not a good look.”

People argued that the dress was inappropriate for a wedding, both in style and color. One commenter went so far as to say, “I’d be gutted if someone wore a beach cover-up to my wedding.”

Despite the onslaught of negative comments, Lacey stood her ground. She appeared surprised by the wave of criticism and acknowledged that this outfit had become her most controversial to date. She defended her choice, stating, “All I have taken away from this week is that most people out there are super boring and have never been to a queer wedding.”

Others came to Lacey’s defense. One supporter pointed out, “Everyone in the comments acting like you’re wearing white to THEIR PERSONAL wedding. Not your wedding, not your concern.” Another chimed in, saying, “I love how people want all these original weddings yet follow outdated traditions like guests can’t wear white. Lol, you look beautiful.” In the end, it seems that fashion is a matter of personal expression and interpretation.

One woman ended up having to kick her bridesmaid out of the wedding for not following the dress code.

Preview photo credit laceyjadechristie / TikTok


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