I Got Pregnant With Quintuplets and Now I Want to Share the Ups and Downs of This Surreal Adventure

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7 months ago

In life, some stories unfold with unexpected twists, defying the ordinary and inspiring awe. And this is exactly what happened with Jamie and Skyler Scott. What they thought was an ordinary pregnancy, became a tale of endurance and resilience.

The struggle to conceive

Jamie Scott and her husband, Skyler, endured a five-year struggle to conceive, longing to expand their family to include another child alongside their two sons, Shayden and Landon. Faced with the disheartening possibility that their dream might not materialize, the couple decided to seek the assistance of a specialist for intrauterine insemination. Skyler recounts the emotional toll of witnessing Jamie’s struggles, remembering that it was really challenging to watch his wife go through the procedures and not see the results.

After two rounds, their perseverance paid off. However, the outcome was unexpected. At just 19 weeks, Jamie appeared as though she were nine months pregnant. Her belly had expanded so rapidly that she required a wheelchair to move around. Jamie’s elevated levels of HCG, a pregnancy hormone, hinted at the possibility of multiple children. Subsequent ultrasound revealed more than just twins, leaving the couple astonished. Jamie fondly recalls the moment by saying she was absolutely in awe. She remembers crying after seeing all the babies on the screen.

The surprise quintuplets

Expecting only twins, the couple was taken aback when the ultrasound revealed a greater number of babies. Alongside her unusual craving for milkshakes, Jamie was advised to consume 4,000 calories a day to support the pregnancy, akin to having a “giant pumpkin” in her stomach. Documenting their journey on social media through “Five Two Love,” the couple revealed the genders of the quintuplets via a Facebook Live video. The joyous footage captured their reactions upon learning that they would be welcoming three girls and two boys.

With the stakes high, the couple relocated to Saint George, Utah, where Jamie received constant supervision from experienced obstetricians. Dr. John Elliott, with his extensive experience in managing quintuplet and quadruplet cases, took charge of Jamie’s pregnancy.

The worries of a rare pregnancy

Pregnancy of quintuplets only happens with 1 in 55,000,000 births, meaning it’s extremely rare. And with it comes a lot of concerns. Jamie reflected on her initial anxiety, stating she really wanted to be a great mother for all her kids, and she didn’t know how to do it. In a clarifying moment, she came to realize that she only needed to give love and this she could do without worries. The couple, navigating the surreal experience of expecting five children, expressed gratitude for the unexpected turn their journey has taken.

Despite subsequent challenges with elevated white blood cell counts, Jamie’s body miraculously healed, allowing her to reach 29 weeks. As contractions started, the decision was made to deliver the babies via C-section. The Scotts welcomed five tiny but perfect babies — Violet Rose, Daisy Kate, Logan Matthew, Lincoln Alan, and Lily Jane. Remarkably, all five babies were born healthy, defying the common complications associated with such births. Dr. Vinit Manuel, the medical director of the nursery where the babies were born, reported that none required a breathing tube or antibiotics.

The aftermath

Throughout the pregnancy, the Scotts garnered a significant online following, with over 1 million Facebook followers and more than 180,000 on Instagram. Initially hesitant to share details publicly, the parents now have no regrets. Jamie expresses gratitude for the messages of love and hope received during the high-risk pregnancy, emphasizing that everything ended on a positive note. The couple was also thankful for their healthcare team, praising the support received during the challenging eight weeks of bed rest Jamie underwent.

Despite recently announcing their divorce, all the kids are doing well. The couple still shares their routine on social media, where we can see the children going to school, happily playing together, and having adventures with their big brothers.


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