Women Grilled Men on Controversial Topics and Got Answers

9 months ago

Men and women still have many things to learn about each other, and at times, they may feel uncomfortable. For instance, a woman might wonder about the proper way to handle tampons and where to discreetly store them when living with a male partner. Here are some questions that women have chosen to pose to men, and the responses they received were candid and sincere.

1. If a woman doesn’t want kids.

A woman inquired about men’s perspectives regarding their choice to remain childless. She has encountered numerous women in their thirties who express a desire to not have children, often citing the burden of responsibility as a factor.

Interestingly, it turns out that men also grapple with similar dilemmas, and society can still be judgmental toward individuals who opt not to have children. “You’d be surprised how many people I apparently offend by not wanting kids. Because it affects their life so much, right?”

In the conversation, they decided that both women and men have the right to decide whether or not they want to have children. It’s a deeply personal choice, and no one should feel pressured into parenthood simply because it’s considered the norm. Those who become parents against their own wishes can struggle to be good parents.

2. Things not to say to a girl during her period.

During the discussion, it became evident that guys may feel uncertain about how to handle their partner’s menstrual period. However, they came up with a list of things to avoid:

  1. Inquiring about intimate contact.
  2. Bringing up the subject of menstruation altogether.
  3. Using the phrase, “You’re acting just like your mother.”
  4. Requesting a woman to calm down.

3. If a man should be present during labor.

A woman inquired about the feelings of men who have witnessed their wives or partners give birth. Surprisingly, many guys don’t see anything negative about it.

Some guys say that it’s the most painful thing they have ever seen. “I remember that I felt very helpless to help her. And when our children came into the world through my wife’s effort and suffering and dedication I was so profoundly grateful that words can not do it justice here.”

Other guys said it can affect you if you really dislike the sight of blood, but still, it was fine during their child’s birth. There were also guys who felt amazed witnessing the miracle of life.

4. If it should be a 50-50 split in child-rearing duties.


One more question arose: How much of the child-rearing duties does a man maintain in his household, and is it equal to his spouse’s?

Mostly, guys said they shared home duties 50-50, and it’s only in rare cases that it’s not even. For example, one guy confessed his wife stays at home, and he has a commute. It’s clearly not 50-50. He does as much as he can during the week and a ton on the weekends. It’s not always easy, but he has fun with his kids and does his best to take them out. His wife gets to choose if she wants to come along or have a weekend with her friends. But in short, there’s roughly a 70/30 split, with his wife doing way more.

5. If there is proper etiquette for throwing away pads/tampons at a guy’s house.

A woman shared her story with guys and asked for an answer.

She recently read a story that triggered memories of her younger years. It was about a guy who became upset because a woman had disposed of a used pad in his bathroom trash bin. He claimed she should have put it in her purse to throw away somewhere more discreet.

That’s something she did in her teens. However, as she got older, she simply grew out of the fear of being judged for something that, in her mind, is so trivial and just a natural part of life. Still, she wants to know if it’s fine to leave pads and tampons at her boyfriend’s place.

A married man answered that any “guy who complains about something like that isn’t someone who will respect you.”

Certain individuals may not have received proper information regarding the disposal of tampons and pads, often mistakenly thinking they can be flushed down the toilet. However, most men understand and agree that garbage should always be placed in the appropriate receptacle, regardless of the location.

Imagine if she had a nosebleed and chucked the bloody tissues in the bin.”

6. If a woman breastfeeds in public.

woman asked men whether they felt comfortable with the idea of breastfeeding in public. Interestingly, it emerged that some men became a bit self-conscious when encountering it, while others found it endearing. Many men simply regarded it as an entirely natural biological process.

One man expressed his perspective as follows: “First I’m a man seeing a breast, then I’m a middle-aged father seeing a mom feeding her kid, then I remember those days, and then I move along.”

Communication is key in any relationship, and there are certain questions we should feel comfortable asking our partners to prevent unnecessary suffering. It’s important to remember that every relationship is unique, so these questions may vary from one couple to another.


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