You Can Now Buy a Tiny Vacuum Cleaner to Remove Crumbs From Your Desk and Bed

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Funny thing: the state of our environment seems to encourage different kinds of behavior. Keeping your table tidy can promote healthy eating and generosity while maintaining a picturesque mess can boost creative thinking. No matter what your choice is for today, you can always delegate tidying up to this tiny helper.

Also, don’t forget to check out our bonus section, where we compiled all kinds of portable devices for easy cleaning.

Not only is this desktop vacuum cleaner compact and adorable-looking, but it is also quite powerful for its size. Even the largest piles are not a problem for this cleaner. It also works noiselessly, so it is very easy to forget that the reason your surfaces are that clean is because of this little guy.

The good news is that you can decorate your helper however you like. You can make it look quite edgy and eye-catching. Initially, it comes in 2 different colors — bright yellow and juicy green. But you can let your imagination run wild!

Why do we recommend this product:

  • The device looks stylish and is a good fit for any interior.
  • Its compact size ensures comfortable usage.
  • It is quite efficient and does the job it is supposed to do.
  • The device is fairly easy to clean.

Promising reviews:

I love the product. I was concerned that since it’s a popular product that it would be poor quality, but I was pleasantly surprised. I keep it with my coffee pot and bean grinder. Perfect for coffee grounds or desk clean-up! And very cute. — Shannon Falcone

With homeschooling, I found more and more random bits all over my desk, and between wiping them off into a garbage can or some being stubborn and sticking to the desk, I was losing my mind. I decided to give one of these vacuums a try, and I went for green so it wouldn’t blend into the desk. You can shake off your keyboard and clean up what falls out easily. I’m over the moon. When my kid finishes his homework or when I finish making a mess of my own, a quick pass with this, and I’m done. I love it. I’m impressed by how long it holds a charge, and my other toddler likes turning it on and watching it walk across the desk or floor on its own vibrations. I definitely keep this vacuum charged and close by at all times. I’m very happy with this purchase, and being rechargeable makes it a no-brainer to own. — YES! Einstein

I love this thing! I want one for every room AND at work now!! — Hannah Rausch

Buy the ODISTAR desktop vacuum cleaner HERE

You can also take a moment to look through the list of other desktop vacuum cleaner designs:

Buy the ladybug desktop vacuum cleaner HERE

Buy the mushroom desktop vacuum cleaner HERE

Buy the Finelnno desktop vacuum cleaner HERE

Bonus: Here are some more portable gadgets to help you keep your things nice and tidy.

5. This device is a must for a computer owner. It is great for cleaning any screen or keyboard. Could make a nice little gift: “I bought this as a stocking filler for my dad, who is notoriously hard to buy for. He loved it! It is ergonomic, stylish, and easy to use. Highly recommend.”

This product is double-sided. The microfiber pad removes fingerprints and spots from different surfaces. The soft brush sweeps away any dust and dirt.

Promising review:

Good to go. Easy to use and very compact — a good item that everyone needs. — mark ockwell

Buy the brush HERE

4. A duster that is so powerful you won’t believe the results: “Even cleans ingrained dust from carpet on the stairs.” It is a great and much more efficient alternative to canned air.

The device is powerful and efficient. Can be used to clean computers, laptops, car interiors, cameras, medical equipment, model vehicles, and blinds. It is also more eco-friendly than air duster cans.

Promising review:

Good power from the unit, but it does start to blow warm air after a while. Best to use it in short bursts. The only minor issue is that the intake mesh filter will block very quickly if you are displacing lots of dust. You have to keep checking it during use. A great device overall for the price. — MPM

Buy the duster HERE

3. “This product is absolutely brilliant, really powerful, and leaves my car spotless. Not only did it clean the carpets perfectly, but the add-on tools also helped me vacuum around my dashboard and vents.” Looks like this vacuum brings its A-game to the cleaning process. You will not be left unimpressed.

The device is quite compact and fits in the car glovebox easily. It is easy to clean. You can also use the reverse blower as a personal cooler on a hot day. The vacuum cleaner has passed CE, ROHS, MSDS, and UL safety certifications. It comes with a bright LED light that is very handy if there is a need to work at night or clean in dark places. It also has multipurpose attachments:

  • The 2-in-1 brush nozzle is perfect for cleaning carpets, sofas, and car seats.
  • The 2-in-1 crevice nozzle can clean hard-to-reach areas.

Promising review:

This is Baseus’s top-of-the-line handheld vacuum. It feels solid in hand, all quality materials are used, and it looks amazing, well thought out, and well-designed. I haven’t actually really used it yet. The Baseus A1 and my trusty old Dyson DC34 are my daily drivers. I just like taking the A3 out now and again and admiring it for the piece of industrial art that it is. Will use it more when I move abroad. Recommended! — Jerry

Buy the vacuum HERE

2. This is a product that can be very handy, and not just around the house: “A very nice brush set for the car’s hard-to-reach areas and the windows.”

With this tool, any area is accessible for cleaning. It has a total length of 19 cm and can be clipped together for easy storage.

Promising review:

Added this to my basket to save on a delivery charge! I’m glad I did as it’s come in very handy already. I gave it a good workout (a bit too much) and it held up very well, even though the bristles have splayed out a little, as the gap I was cleaning out was smaller than the width of the brush, so not surprising. I would definitely recommend it. — D Walton

Buy the dustpan HERE

1. This vacuuming device can have a very surprising usage apart from cleaning the dust: “I originally got this for my kitchen. It works as expected. It can startle people if they walk too close. Now I use it in a totally different way... I was having a problem with one of my cats. She would paw and hit my bedroom door in the middle of the night. She was keeping us awake, and she was ruining the carpet. I can’t let her in the bedroom due to allergies. After seeing videos of aerosol sprays used to correct cat behavior, I thought I’d try using Eye-Vac. Success! Eye-vac startles the kitties and I get to sleep through the night. The cats sleep peacefully outside the bedroom door now, and everyone is much happier. Getting a good night’s sleep makes a big difference in our lives!!”

The device is energy-saving: automatic on/off by infrared sensor. It is perfect for cleaning pet hair, dust, and crumbs.

Promising review:

I use it every day as I work in a hair salon. Brilliant job every time. Only has a small suction hole but seems to do the job. It is very loud but sounds like a vacuum. — Luke

Buy the vacuum cleaner HERE

Do you like to use different modern gadgets to do your chores or do you prefer to do your cleaning the old-fashioned way?

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