“You Cannot Eat It,” Little Girl Was Refused Cake at a Party, So Her Mom Decided to Stir a Debate Online

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3 months ago

A mom named Kat Stickler talked on TikTok about her daughter being left out at a birthday party in a park where everyone can go. This got people talking on TikTok and Instagram. Some people agreed with the mom, saying they were upset too, but others said she was acting like she deserved special treatment.

At the party, another mom didn’t let Kat Stickler’s daughter have any cake.

In her video, Kat Stickler started by mentioning that she doesn’t usually criticize other moms except for her parents and herself. But this situation made her question someone else’s parenting. She explained that she had taken her daughter, MK, to a park nearby, where many kids were having a birthday party. MK had been playing with them for about thirty minutes and even made new friends.

During the birthday song, MK joined the other kids and fit in well. But things changed when she tried to get a piece of cake with the other children. The mom hosting the party suddenly took the cake away from MK. Kat Stickler explains, “The mother takes the plate away from MK, gets down to her level, and says, ’You cannot eat this cake, okay? This is not your birthday party. These are not your friends. Where’s your mother?’”

The TikTok video created different opinions and upset some of her followers.

Kat mentioned that she didn’t step in when this happened but was really upset about it. A lot of her followers supported her and felt the same way.

“I can’t believe a parent would treat a child like that regardless! I’d be super happy to share the cake with a new friend my kid has made,” said one follower. Another comment said, “I would be livid!! I shared cake and cupcakes with all the kids at the park for my daughter’s first birthday! They became her and my other daughters.”

Some people agreed with Kat’s video, but others didn’t. One person commented, “She doesn’t know the child. What if it has allergies that she is unaware of?” Another person said, “To be fair, when we’ve had parties at parks that we’ve paid to reserve, I don’t expect these other kids to come to eat the food and cake that I bought.”

“No cake for me, thanks. I’m full...of rage.”

Kat Stickler didn’t say what she did afterward or if she talked to the other mom. But many of her viewers believed she wasn’t being unreasonable and reacted appropriately.

In a later TikTok, Kat made light of the situation. In the video, she’s at the park with her daughter, and the caption says, “Why is everyone acting strange around me?” One person commented, “All the moms at the park will probably share cake with her from now on.”

There was a follow-up “cake gate” video.

In a follow-up video, Kat Stickler explained her initial Tiktok. She clarified, “My issue was not with this person not letting my kid have cake. I understand she wasn’t invited to the birthday party, she had just met this kid. I get that. It’s getting down to her level, telling a three-year-old girl those aren’t your friends. It was cruel, unnecessary, in my opinion. We don’t have to share our cake, but we should be nice to 3-year-old kids.”

Many parents employ different parenting styles that others criticize, such as this dad who people called out for bathing his baby while washing the dishes.


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