You Now Can Buy Engagement Rings Inspired by Disney Princesses and Have a True Fairytale Marriage

3 years ago

The lives of Disney princesses seem so romantic and full of love that we subconsciously start to wonder, “What would my love story be like if I was a princess?” Unfortunately, our chances of becoming a princess officially are slim to none but, luckily, we now have an opportunity to buy engagement rings inspired by Disney characters.

We at Bright Side became quite happy when we learned about this option because each ring is a true masterpiece that perfectly reflects the nature of the Disney characters they are inspired by.

It all started in South Korea, where a shop with the name lloyd_thegift came up with this simple but unique idea. The average price of each ring is about 60,000 Won, which is a little bit more than $50 and they are all 10 karat gold. There are 5 Disney characters available for sale and each ring promises to be a match worthy of a fairy tale. So here they are:




Snow White



Bonus: Necklaces

We fell in love with each of these pieces of jewelry. Which one did you like most of all?


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I think I know what kind of present my gf will like :P
thanks for the idea!


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