“You Would Do Whatever You Can for Your Kids, Right?” Tori Spelling Reveals Why She’s Living in an RV

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9 months ago

The 50-year-old celebrity, who grew up in a luxurious $165-million mansion under her father’s, Aaron Spelling’s, name, has been spotted residing in a camper van with her five children. However, this living situation isn’t due to leisurely vacations or enjoyable family outings on sunny days. The reasons behind this choice are entirely different.

Initially, people believed that this situation was a result of the divorce.

Dean McDermott, who is married to the well-known star from Beverly Hills 90210, declared his intention to divorce his spouse of 17 years in June. Presently, Tori Spelling has been seen residing in an RV with her five children, parked at a campground in Ventura County, California.

They sat in a circular arrangement of outdoor chairs, enjoying the sunset, surrounded by camping gear like a cooler, stove, collapsible table, and a rug. This starkly differs from Spelling’s upbringing in a vast 56,500-square-foot French chateau-style mansion.

Earlier, someone saw Spelling and her children staying in a cheap hotel.

Before this, the entire family was observed lodging at an inexpensive motel. Consequently, the shift to the mobile home indicates significant financial difficulties, and certain insiders validate that the celebrity is indeed facing financial challenges. However, one source also mentioned that she and her spouse were doing well, and these motel stays weren’t linked to their separation.

In the meantime, when Spelling was questioned about her stay at the ’seedy motel’ with her children, her response was a straightforward inquiry to the paparazzi: “Are you a parent? You know you would do whatever you can for your kids, right?”

She prioritized health over comfort.

Back in May, she posted pictures from Urgent Care, revealing that her family had been grappling with a recurring cycle of illnesses for months. She expressed how her children were constantly falling ill, experiencing excessive fatigue, and even feeling lightheaded when they tried to stand. Spelling had a hunch that a more significant issue was at play, and she decided to investigate. It turned out that their house was contaminated with mold, which had been silently affecting their health for 3 years. However, due to their financial constraints, finding a new place to live became challenging.

Happiness is in the little things.

It remains uncertain when the Beverly Hills 90210 star will be able to return to her house, as the mold issue they’ve been dealing with is exceptionally severe. Her priority is to secure a safe and mold-free home for her family.

Nevertheless, the actress maintains a positive attitude and enjoys quality time with her children. Now that they are in a safe environment, free from mold-related health concerns, Spelling can finally breathe a sigh of relief. While facing evident financial challenges, she recently shared photos from inside their mobile home with the caption, “As long as we have each other,” highlighting the importance of their family bond.

Numerous celebrities find great joy in parenthood, but the challenges increase when you’re single, especially if you’re raising multiple children. Nonetheless, it’s clear that for many people, the joy brought by children outweighs any obstacles life may present.


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