Young Tenant Makes Incredible Home Improvements for His Elderly Landlord — His Reaction Is Priceless

6 months ago

An elderly landlord experienced an unexpected moment of sheer astonishment. At the age of 84, he had been aware that his tenant had been diligently working on some improvements around his house. Little did he anticipate the extraordinary transformation that awaited him.

Meet Drew Scott.

Drew Michael Scott initiated his YouTube venture, Lone Fox, a few years ago. The response from viewers was immediate and enthusiastic. The 28-year-old graduate from fashion school seamlessly blended his passion for the home space with a keen design eye, creating a unique aesthetic and voice that attracted a million subscribers. Presently, his audience eagerly anticipates Scott’s engaging content, centered around renovations, styling, and do-it-yourself projects.

One of Scott’s recent triumphs is a project that transcended the boundaries of a simple tenant-landlord relationship. At the age of 84, Roger, Drew’s benevolent landlord, not only offered him the upper floor of his house but also granted him the freedom to transform it into a space that would hold immense sentimental value for both of them.

A thoughtful gesture

Recognizing Roger’s challenges with stairs due to his age, Drew went above and beyond. He thoughtfully arranged a wheeled desk chair, a seemingly simple yet impactful gesture that showcased Drew’s considerate nature. This ensured Roger could effortlessly navigate and appreciate the entire apartment, setting the stage for the awaited surprises.

The revelation

Drew filmed the entire transformation and the revelation for his YouTube channel. The eagerly awaited tour began, and Roger’s reaction upon being wheeled into the revamped living room spoke volumes. The previously dull room, with faded white walls and a non-functional fireplace, had been completely rejuvenated. Drew’s artistic touch, including black-painted window frames, a revived fireplace, and snug brown leather sofas surrounding a modern TV, left Roger utterly amazed.

When seeing the new room, Roger exclaimed how gorgeous the apartment looked. Laughing, he also suggested that he needed to raise the rent. This reaction highlighted not just his impressed state, but also the deep emotional impact of Drew’s dedication and affection.

The surprises didn’t end there. In the dining section, Drew paid homage to the house’s legacy by retaining the original crystal chandelier. He ingeniously redesigned a wall cutout, incorporating wooden shelves and a cabinet, transforming a basic space into a chic dining zone. The neighboring kitchen became a delightful breakfast corner, bathed in sunlight.

One of the standout transformations occurred in Marie’s bedroom, Drew’s roommate. Using lime wash paint for a textured wall finish and introducing moldings, Drew turned a regular bedroom into a luxurious, designer-inspired space. Roger couldn’t help but admire it, lauding it as a masterpiece.

Fans’ reaction

The video was flooded with sweet comments as soon as it was published.

  • “The twinkle in his eyes shows awe, happiness, and appreciation.” sweetmusx / YouTube
  • “’I don’t think you’re crazy, I think you’re awfully good,’ Roger warmed my heart. What a genuine and lovely man.” liloa3222 / YouTube
  • “This is the most heartwarming, beautiful thing I’ve ever seen on YouTube. I watched the entire video with my heart in my throat.” ElsieWinters / YouTube
  • “You can see in Roger’s eyes how much he appreciates having a renter who took the time, energy and resources to really liven up his property. He’s such a sweetheart!” sweetaztecangel** / YouTube

A bittersweet farewell

In the end, Roger was profoundly touched by all the enhancements Drew had introduced. Emotions welled up in his eyes as he reminisced about the space he had called home for years. Tragically, a few months after this heartwarming episode, Roger passed away. The silver lining lies in the fact that he witnessed his humble home being transformed into a magnificent sanctuary before his departure.

This transformation marked a significant moment for Drew. The project was a labor of love, and the immense effort put into the renovations was undeniably worth it.

Preview photo credit Lone Fox / Youtube


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