Your Nails Will Thank You for Getting These 10 Fantastic Products

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If you’re biting or picking at your nails at the moment, slowly put your hands down, and no one will get hurt. This is shocking, but research shows that it takes about 4 — 6 months for a fingernail to grow. It grows at a rate of around 0.1 mm per day! So constantly biting your nails doesn’t give them time to properly grow.

We, at Bright Side, will help you bring your nails back from the dead with a selection of nail products that have the best reviews on Amazon.

1. If you are battling the problem of weak and brittle nails, then this magic cream is perfect for you. It contains vitamins, minerals and emollients to restore the natural moisture balance of your nails. The result will be noticeable in just a couple of days.

To give much-needed hydration and nourishment to nails, massage this cream into the nail bed, cuticles, and undersides 3 times a day, on a daily basis. You can even use it over nail polish to heal the cuticles and nail bed. And this cream has a refreshing cherry-almond scent.

  • A must have! — This stuff works!! I’ve never been able to grow out my natural nails because they are PAPER THIN and bend or peel. I’ve tried nearly every nail strengthener/hardener available, but nothing worked. I couldn’t even wear gel polish because it peeled after 3 days, whereas my sisters’ and friends’ polish lasted a week or 2.

    I saw someone rave about this on TikTok and decided to give it a try, and I’m so happy I did. My nails are the strongest they have ever been, and I’m actually able to file them to the shape that I want! Something that is new to me I’ve never had my nails long enough to file, so this is a huge deal to me. I also wash a ton of dishes, and they are still sooo dang strong.

    This stuff is seriously impressive. I also have been able to get manicures done with gel polish, and this product still penetrates my nails to strengthen them. Highly recommend. I started using this product on July 8th, and this is what my nails look like before and after. The second picture was taken on August 22. (about 6 weeks) — Janine

2. If you don’t like creams and prefer oils that will last you a long time, then this almond oil is perfect for you. You can take it with you when you travel because it is compact and solid.

This solid oil is made entirely of natural ingredients, including sweet almond oil and cocoa butter to moisturize cuticles and antioxidant-rich vitamin E and sunflower oil to repair nails. Your nails smell fresh and clean thanks to a faint natural lemon scent. After washing your hands, gently massage this cream into your cuticles as needed.

  • I adore this stuff! — It really helps to moisturize my dry cuticles, helps prevent hangnails, and helps nourish and strengthen my nails.

    It’s not an oil, like most cuticle oils. It’s a wax/balm in a little round tin. I find it perfect for popping on in the morning or throughout the day when you just haven’t got the time to sit and let a pure oil sink in. Because this is a balm/wax, you can pop it on and go without worrying about oil smearing everywhere. It is quite waxy though, so you will leave fingerprints if you do pop it on and get on with your day, but I can cope with that. All cuticle oils and balms, though, work best if you find the time to sit and let them sink in, regardless of how handy this tin is to just pop on.

    It smells just like lemon meringue. I personally love fruity scents, so I love the scent! If you aren’t a fan of scents, I’d avoid them. It’s not overly powerful, but it’s definitely there, and it does linger for a little while before fading off.

    For best results, you need to apply it at least once a day, ideally twice. This goes for all cuticle oils and balms. You have to be religious in applying them, or else you just won’t get the benefits of the products you’re applying.

    The tin will last an absolute age. I apply it to my fingers and toes, and I’ve barely made a dent in it. I’ve had it just short of 3 months, I think. It’s worth the money because of the benefits of the product and because of how long it will last.

    I highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a good cuticle balm, and I will repurchase. — Jade

3. To complete the best nail care set, you will also need a nail polish remover. This one is safe for skin and suitable to use on both natural and fake nails.

This nail polish remover is enriched with coconut oil so it will be gentle on your nails and surrounding skin. The bottle contains 200 milliliters. Apply the cotton pad to the nail surface after soaking it in polish remover, then wipe the nails until the polish is gone. Easy and simple!

  • Does not dry the nail out — I struggle with my nails. I have used fake nails, but now I have my own (most of the time). They peel because they become dry, and they become dry because I do not use rubber gloves and I mess around with cement sometimes.

    I only use non-acetone, even on my real nails. This seems to leave my nails feeling clean, fresh, and not dry. It contains coconut oil.

    I cannot speak for the experiences of others, but mine arrived undamaged and full, and it is a genuine product. It is also 200 ml.

    Tip: Reduce the amount of remover and cotton balls. To remove dark polish, use a small amount on a small cotton ball, let it sit for a second or 2, and stroke down from the cuticle to the tip to get the color off the main part of the nail. Using a lot of remover simply spreads the color to areas you can’t reach. It does not work better or faster.

    To remove polish from artificial nails, use a non-acetone remover.

    To remove acrylic nails, use an acetone-based remover. TIP: Soak a small cotton ball, wrap it around your nail, wrap it in cling film, or put on plastic gloves, and go watch TV. They should be removed easily, if not, repeat. Peeling off the acrylic nail harshly takes off your natural nail layers.

    I hope this helps someone. — YD

4. Be careful with your cuticles, to protect yourself from getting an infection under the skin. You can push your cuticles back after the shower and then apply a nice-smelling oil to them.

This product from Amazon has more than 100,000 reviews. It naturally soothes and hydrates for stronger, healthier nails. It contains safflower oil and vitamin E.
Apply one drop to each cuticle and massage gently. There are no toxic components, it is cruelty-free, and paraben-free, and it is produced from plants.

  • Miracle in a bottle — I was persuaded to buy this by the thousands of positive reviews, although I was slightly hesitant because of the price. I ordered it yesterday, it arrived today, the bottle is huge, which justifies the price because small bottled cuticle oils are usually around £3-£5 anyway, and it smells amazing!

    When I read reviews about the smell not being strong, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to smell it at all, but no, it’s perfectly scented and the perfect strength.

    So I dropped a teeny amount on each thumbnail and then used my fingers to spread a little on each nail (so as not to waste too much just as a tester). I massaged the oil for 30 seconds or so, and I kid you not, my nails look and feel amazing! I wish I’d taken before and after pictures!!

    This lockdown hand-washing routine has ruined my hands, and they needed a little pampering. This will forever be my go-to product! Please don’t ever discontinue this! Thank you!! — Nikki Smart

5. We all know the feeling of a clipped nail with an uneven edge that snags on every type of fabric it touches. Oh, boy... That never feels right. For a smooth and nice nail edge, use a glass nail file that will last you for decades.

This product is made of fine Czech ’’Bohemian’’ glass that has been tempered (toughened) to ensure the glass is durable, wear-resistant, and keeps the integrity of the file surface after several uses. Keep your file nearby and be ready for last-minute nail snags, unintentional chipping, and breakage by putting it in a protective hard case that fits in your handbag or bag.

  • I’m shocked it works so well! — Really great. I took a risk because the last glass nail file I used was absolute crap, but the reviews on this were so good that I decided to give it a go. I’m glad I did, this nail file is great.
    Unlike a metal file, it doesn’t leave nails feeling rough — the edges come out smooth. Also, it files very quickly. I was worried it would take ages to shape nails because it’s softer on them, but nope! Very efficient, far less abrasive, and the price seems like a bargain👌🏾

    My one gripe is the sound the file made when I first started using it (kind of like Styrofoam rubbing together, not nice). With more use, that’s stopped now, or I’m used to it. Honestly, though, this genuinely is a great file, and I would recommend it! — #slowbutsteady

6. Here is a quick and convenient way to remove cuticles: instant cuticle remover. It actually reduces the time needed for a manicure in half by dissolving dry cuticles in 15 seconds.

The innovative gel composition melts and dissolves unwanted cuticles and applying it regularly helps to prevent cuticle problems.

How to use:

  • Apply a small strip of instant cuticle remover under the nail tips and around the cuticles.
  • After 15 seconds, use a manicure stick wrapped in cotton to gently press back the cuticles.
  • Excess product should be washed away quickly and thoroughly with warm, soapy water.
  • Apply to skin for 1 minute to eliminate calluses.
  • Do not leave it on for more than 1 minute.
  • Amazing stuff — simply removes cuticles in next to no time in the comfort of your own home!

    I truly wish that I had discovered this product sooner!

    After reading previous reviews, I decided to leave the nails on for 1 minute. I put a couple of drops on each nail (one hand at a time), and to be honest, by the time I finished each hand, the solution had been on the last couple of nails for around 2-3 minutes with no ill effect!

    This stuff simply dissolves the cuticles before your very eyes. With a quick pushback with a cuticle stick, a trim with cuticle scissors, a rinse in a bowl of warm water, and a gentle sweep with a nail brush, you’re left with salon-perfect nails. Saving yourself £££’s in the process 👍

    I always take reviews left by others into consideration when choosing items. — Emily

7. Make your nails less prone to snagging and breaking by trimming them regularly. To do this, you need a manicure set with a wide selection of tools for all possible occasions and situations.

This manicure pedicure set comes with 14 stainless-steel tools that are built to last. And even thick nails can be easily cut with the tools included in this kit.

Case dimensions: 6.26″ x 3.5″ x 1.06″ (15.5 cm x 8.4 cm x 2.5 cm)

Package contents:

  • Tweezers
  • Nail cuticle clippers
  • Eyebrow/nose hair scissors
  • Toenail clippers
  • Fingernail clippers (small, medium & beveled)
  • Nail file
  • Ear pick
  • Ear cleaning disc pick
  • Blackhead remover
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Peeling knife
  • Peeling fork
  • Great kit! I love it.
    I purchased this product on August 15, 2019. This product was $7.49 at the time of purchase.

    As someone who takes pride in taking care of their hands and nails, I was elated when I came across this product. But it was when I realized that along with nail tools, it also contains a blackhead remover, ear cleaners, and eyebrow scissors that I couldn’t stop myself from buying it! After reading other reviews for this product, along with the product’s description and reviewing the photos of the product, I was sure that this product was going to be high quality, hence my purchase.

    After my purchase, the delivery arrived shortly. After opening the delivery packaging, I was greeted with a simple, white, cardboard packaging that contained the main product. It’s very clear that this company is aiming to be environmentally friendly with its packaging! The exterior of the product is a leather material, surrounded by what I think is a stainless-steel border. The inside has a fabric material with the same stainless-steel border. The product arrived in tip-top condition with absolutely no damage.

    The tools are extremely durable, and it’s very unlikely that they will break! The case that contains these tools is also extremely durable. Just make sure not to handle it with oily hands as it does sometimes stain the case.

    The product is extremely high quality, what with the leather case, the multitude of tools that it contains, etc. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth the price.

    The product was and is definitely effective in doing what I need it to do.

    In conclusion, I’m awarding this product 5 stars for its excellent quality, convenience, packaging, price, and durability.

    I would DEFINITELY recommend this product. — Jayden

8. Protect your nails from environmental influences with the nail hardener. This nylon formula strengthens brittle nails and helps prevent flaking, while natural omega-3s and soy help reduce the appearance of ridges.

This nail strengthener comes in a 13.3 ml bottle. Apply 2-3 coats to bare nails and allow to dry to provide much-needed protection. This product is long-lasting and very affordable.

  • Nail savior. — This is an absolute must for strengthening nails. It goes on like a clear nail varnish and doesn’t really chip at all. My nails were incredibly brittle and weak, but after a few months of using this product, they are now much stronger. I bought this for my daughter, who now swears by it as well.
    Fantastic value too. — Laura W

9. If we regularly moisturize our face with a lot of creams, why do we always neglect our hands? For the hands, we need a special product that will protect them from dryness, wind, and cold, like this 4-in-1 cream.

This hand and nail cream has been dermatologist tested and works great. It nourishes the skin and leaves hands soft and smooth and makes your nails twice as strong. The volume of this cream is 75 ml.

  • Hand cream. — I have had incredibly dry hands for years and have tried every cream available, even ones provided by my doctor. I had forgotten what it felt like to have normal hands, and this has worked wonders. I have no dry skin, my hands look younger, and my nails have fewer ridges (but you have to use it regularly to see the improvement in nails). Even after I wash my hands during the day, my hands still seem soft.
    I hope this never goes off the market. It is a miracle cream. The Neutrogena foot cream is also just as good. — Ms. Jeanette Jackson

10. It’s not just a simple cuticle conditioner, it’s an award-winning cuticle oil. It contains various oils including sweet almond oil, jojoba seed oil, and rice bran oil.

With continued use, the oils soak deeper into the natural nail, so results will improve over time. This cuticle conditioner helps retain nail color and enhancements better, and makes them stronger and more flexible.

  • The BEST cuticle oil on the market! — As a nail technician, I cannot say enough about the importance of applying cuticle oil regularly. Especially in the winter! There is a reason why this one is the most popular one out there among nail technicians: it has a great scent and is easily absorbed. Leaves nails strong and hydrated. — Sarah

What nail problems have you been struggling with lately? And how do you usually deal with these problems — with DIY products, professional nail care products, or by going to beauty salons?

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