Zac Efron Reveals Struggle of Battling Depression After He Gained Inhuman Proportions

5 months ago

Zac Efron pleasantly surprised everyone with his remarkable body transformations. Efron’s ability to push his body to new limits and adapt to diverse roles has become a noteworthy aspect of his career, earning him praise for his commitment to the craft and his ability to surprise audiences with each new appearance on screen.

It was a challenge to put his body into inhuman proportions.

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Zac Efron has tackled his most challenging role yet. He’s playing Kevin Von Erich, a wrestler with a complicated family story, in his newest movie, The Iron Claw. The film looks at the ideas of being a strong man and the difficulties that come with it.

To play the part, Efron had to get more muscular, and the results are really impressive. In the movie, you’ll see him in amazing physical shape. Efron worked really hard to get his body in top form, and now he’s sharing how the movie made him think about his own body and what it means to be a man.

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He thinks the definition of masculinity is always changing. It’s ever evolving, and this story drew on a specific type of masculinity that he felt he could identify with. It was something that, for some reason, was close to him. There have been various times in his life, whether it’s for a role or even just for himself, where he’s been driven to push his physicality to different inhuman proportions, and it’s taken a hold at times.

There was one more experiment with his body.

Zac Efron, the star of High School Musical, recently underwent a significant transformation for his latest movie, marking his most dramatic body change. But also, one of his body transformations was dedicated to getting in shape for the 2017 film Baywatch.

In addition to adhering to an intense training regimen, Efron made notable changes to his dietary habits. He transitioned from a vegan diet to adopting intermittent fasting, a practice that involves consuming two meat-heavy meals within a specific time frame.

Opening up about this shift, Efron explained that time, “I started intermittent fasting just after I stopped being vegan. My body wasn’t processing the vegetables in the right way.”

In the morning, after some cardio exercise, he broke his fast around 11 am with bone broth soup, vegetables, and “clean proteins” like elk and chicken. For the second meal in the evening, he had more meat and a healthy carbohydrate like sweet potatoes or quinoa.

Now, he can eat organ meats again. He says that he likes liver and onions. Since Baywatch, Zac changed many habits to get in shape more healthily.

He had trouble sleeping and depression because of the daily regime.

Jeremy Allen White, Efron’s co-star in The Iron Claw, praised Zac’s dedication to his work. Jeremy mentioned to Esquire, “Zac’s a maniac. He’s so focused and knowledgeable on training, diet, all that.”

Efron changed his habits after going through a big body transformation for Baywatch, which was tough both physically and mentally. He started having trouble sleeping and fell into a pretty bad depression for a long time.

The body looked perfect but the health was messed up.

During the time of Baywatch, Efron was taking diuretics, overtraining, and eating the same three meals every day. He wasn’t getting enough sleep — even if filming stopped at midnight, he would still wake up at 4 am to train.

Something about that experience burned him out. He had a really hard time getting back on track. They said it was because he took too many diuretics for too long, and it messed something up. After finishing filming, Efron took a break from acting and purposely let himself get out of shape for the first time.

Having a healthy body doesn’t necessarily equate to engaging in intense and rigorous training. Contrary to popular belief, maintaining good health involves a balanced and holistic approach that includes proper nutrition, sufficient rest, and overall well-being.


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