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17 Tattoos That Have a Unique Story Behind Them

We get tattoos for various reasons: in order to capture our favorite characters, add some color, please someone we love, or just in order to be different from everyone else. But behind the tattoos of these people, there are whole stories. Some of them are sad, and some are kind, but all of them deserve your attention.

We at Bright Side were really interested in reading the things internet users wrote about their tattoos and we decided to show you the most memorable ones.

Tattoos about the people we love don’t have to be super-realistic. Here is a great example.

“We got tattoos to honor my sister. She had funny moles on her hands.”

“My favorite scene, from one of my favorite movies”

This is a shot from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Scar-based fish tattoo

“After a horrible car accident in July, the god of death swung and missed.”

“Self-harm tattoo cover-up. Makes me feel a lot more comfortable wearing short sleeve shirts”

Before and after, covering an iron stain. The artist did a great job.

“Tribute for my grandpa”

A tattoo to honor my beloved dog

“Decided to get a tattoo to commemorate my trade/skill as an electrician. And since I work with my hands for a living, I thought, what better place to put it.”

Here is another person that decided to use his scar for a tattoo.

“Minimal tattoo of my mom”

“Chick cow ski (how to say my last name)”

“My wife and I got matching anniversary tattoos.”

“My first major tattoo! It’s my pup Bentley, who has been the best part of my life.”

“Wanted a piece to encompass my 2 loves — sewing and baking.”

“My daughter asked if she could pick my next tattoo. Tonight I honored that request.”

Do you have tattoos with interesting stories behind them? We’d be happy to see the photos!

Preview photo credit SnakP4k / Reddit
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