25 Comics That Will Wrap You With the Warmth and Love All of Us Need

Even though life seems to be rough on us every now and then, there are times in which simple details can turn your day around and make sense of everything that’s happening. Comic artist and illustrator Jang shares the small things that do the trick for her, thanks to her drawing skills. She came up with the cartoon of the fox when she used a home-sewn toy as inspiration. This and the other characters of her comics help her share her personal way of looking at life with the public. And even though this project started mainly by accident and she wasn’t really prepared to upscale it in a professional way, she actually really enjoys drawing.

Bright Side was fascinated by how Jang managed to turn everything into a positive experience that can shed a new light on the things we experience every day. We decided to compile some of her best comics and share them with you so that you are also able to see the world through her eyes.

1. An important part of your daily routine should be to reconcile with yourself.

2. Every dark cloud has a silver lining.

3. Let go and be patient. Things will come back on their own.

4. If something isn’t the same, you can always turn it into something new.

5. And for you, what are stars?

6. Don’t forget to look in the most important place.

7. Take a deep breath and enjoy everything that surrounds you.

8. Size is not related to happiness.

9. If you’re feeling blue, just gaze at the stars.

10. Don’t be afraid, there’s always a superhero around.

11. Don’t forget to focus on your inner beauty.

12. Do what you want to do and enjoy it as much as you can.

13. Being different or doing “weird” stuff is actually amazing!

14. Live in the present but also think about tomorrow.

15. Spending time with yourself is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

16. Laugh at things that don’t make any sense.

17. Heroes of peace

18. Food is the solution to all of the world’s problems, believe it or not!

19. How to find a home

20. Borderless, limitless love = Family love

21. Be patient and results will arrive.

22. Give as many hugs as you can.

23. Let go and new things will come your way.

24. Love yourself.

25. And most importantly, value the small but meaningful things.

What do you think of this artist’s mini-comic strips? If you want to know more about her work, you can check out her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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