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An Artist Shows What Love Looks Like When No One Is Watching

An illustrator and painter based in Los Angeles named Yaoyao Ma Van As takes inspiration from her own personal life which is why her works are always filled with sincere, deep emotion. Each of her romantic paintings tells us a different story, but they all have something in common — they’re all relatable when it comes to relationships.

Bright Side gathered 19 of the most touching works made by Yaoyao Ma Van As that any couple will find familiar.

19. “You’re finally here!”

18. “Let’s eat together!”

17. “...But you’ll feel better!”

16. “Call me when you get there.”

15. “You play and I’ll sing.”

14. Valentine’s Day every day

13. “I just wanna gaze at you.”

12. “No peeking!”

11. “Heard someone could use some soup!”

10. Maybe your true love is right around the corner.

9. “The first attempt to ask you on a date”

8. “Enough work for today!”

7. “What did I tell you, they’re good, right?”

6. “The moment I met you”

5. “Here, try this!”

4. “We did it, we conquered the shore together.”

3. “We can fight only in an imaginary world.”

2. “I haven’t met you yet, but I know you’re close.”

1. “When you’re here, I never want to get out of bed.”

Which of the illustrations did you like the most? Share your opinions with us in the comments!

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