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10 Small Inventions That Make This World a Much Better Place

While scientists continue to discover new chemical elements and invent new kinds of space ships, there are some people who simply strive to make everyday life a bit cozier. Whether that looks like a new type of Christmas tree star or a blanket that can cool you down on a hot day, each and every invention in this article is meant to make our days brighter.

We at Bright Side are amazed at just how thoughtful things created by simple people can be, and we’ve made a list of the creations we’d love to have in our homes. Take a look at some of these small things that can make a big difference in our lives.

1. Self-sufficient planters that don’t require watering

Nourishment comes to the plant through the “tongue” that’s placed in the water.

2. A nightlight with portable balls that a child can take with them when they want to go to the bathroom or wherever else

Or they can sleep with them to scare off any monsters lurking under the bed...

3. A foldable pocket-sized coffee cup

No need to use a new paper cup every time you take your coffee to-go!

It can easily fit in your pocket after the coffee is finished and even has a special flap to prevent the spilling of any leftover liquid.

4. This cooling blanket can save you on a hot day. The manufacturer says it also creates the feeling of being hugged.

5. A crocheted apron for collecting eggs — it may be small but it sure makes a difference, doesn’t it?

You can opt for a non-crocheted version of the apron as well.

6. A Hogwarts tree-topper to make your Christmas even more magical!

7. Star Wars fans can rejoice as well — now they can make cookies with symbols from their favorite movie series.

8. Elevator kick buttons mean no more having to touch the panel with your fingers.

9. These isolated shelters for the homeless boast thermal insulation that keeps the heat of a human body and provides a temperature of up to 68°F.

They’re even fire-resistant.

10. The CatLife company created a bed with a hidden labyrinth for cats. It’s safe for felines and can help keep your kitties entertained.

Which of these inventions have you been waiting ages for?

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