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15 People Who Redecorated and Now Live in a Place Straight Out of a Magazine

A room can go from bland to glamorous with a fresh coat of paint, a better furniture arrangement, or simply a few new plants. In fact, changes like the latter might even improve brain functions, like your concentration, says a study. Fortunately, people who do take the step to boost their home aesthetic share the results online so we can all feel inspired to do the same.

Bright Side brings you before-and-afters that showcase incredible design transformations for people of all tastes.

1. “I renovated my tiny room.”

2. “Quite proud of this before and after for my hallway.”

3. “I redecorated my small patio on a budget.”

4. “I painted and styled everything myself.”

5. “Before and after visiting Reddit’s community about house plants”

6. “I recently finished my laundry room makeover. Doing all of this myself, I am so proud of how everything turned out.”

7. “Before and after of our bathroom”

8. “Before and after of my old office”

9. “Our kitchen remodel is finally done.”

10. “I redid our 1970s-era basement.”

11. “I created a coffee bar.”

12. “I gave my bathroom a new look.”

13. “The progress over 1.5 years”

14. “Spiced up our fireplace with some peel and stick.”

15. “I recently made over our powder room.”

Bonus: “Can’t do much at my apartment but decided to cozy up our dog’s ’bedroom.’”

When was the last time you redecorated? What design feature do you wish you could have in your home? Leave us your own transformations or favorite inspiration pics in the comments!

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