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17 Gadgets That Moved Us Into the Future

Inventors never cease to amaze us. From containers that remind you when the food is going to expire to notebooks that automatically save your writing to your smartphone, they can easily make us believe that we live in the future.

Bright Side found these 17 gadgets not only amazing but quite useful as well, and we believe that they can make your life a bit easier if you have them.

1. A laser projection keyboard

2. A 360° rotating floor mop

3. Food containers that keep track of your food’s lifespan and signal when groceries have passed the point of no return

4. A reusable notebook for blasting your notes directly to smart devices

5. A pillowcase that lets little night owls draw with light

6. An automatic pet feeder that allows you to feed your pet at any time from your smartphone

7. A wearable wristband that lets you shoot a stream of sanitizer at objects like Spiderman

8. A device that provides security, weather protection, and convenience for all of your home’s deliveries

9. A motion-sensor trash can that opens smoothly and quietly with the wave of a hand

10. A smart hydration reminder to drink more water

11. A pair of long-distance lamps that light up simultaneously when touched so you know when your loved one is thinking of you, and vice versa

12. A smart baby monitor to keep track of your baby’s breathing

13. A digital photo frame that can play both photos and videos

14. A hands-free robotic suitcase that will follow you around and respond to your commands

15. A bike with smart tires that hold their shape without ever going flat

16. A portable projector that’s the size of a coffee mug

17. A wearable, contactless payment ring that allows you to pay by simply tapping your hand

Do you have any of these devices? Which one surprised you the most?

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