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20 Business Card Designs for Those Who Want to Stand Out From the Crowd

Business cards first appeared sometime around the 15th century in China and contained only information about their owner. Today, business cards have turned into somewhat of an artform and there are even contests devoted to these small sheets of paper.

Bright Side has decided to find 20 examples of bright and creative business cards that customers will never forget.

Really useful

Working out with a personal trainer

In case you open a yogurt and don’t have a spoon:

To see this steak house’s contact details, you have to grill their business card.

For makeup artists, your face is a canvas.

A designer’s ideas

Professional makeup changes people.

This bakery’s business cards are tasty.

They make shirts only.

This designer’s soft business cards

Your home is all that matters.

A writer’s business cards

For those who lose their hair, not their sense of humor

The most important plumbing tool

For artists

So you don’t have to explain what haircut you want:

These cotton pads turn into an ad.

A business card that looks tasty

Pilates will make you flexible.

A hairdresser’s magic

Do you have any interesting business cards to share with us?

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