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6 Best Alarm Clocks From Amazon for Waking Up Gently

The way you feel when waking up in the morning can greatly affect your mood during the whole day. And this is when your alarm clock comes into play. If you feel terrorized and brutally cut off from your sleep by the unbearable noise of your buzzer, it’s time to look for some low-stress alternatives. Luckily, Amazon is ready to offer a great variety of alarm clocks that gradually ease you into wakefulness with the help of soft light and pleasant music.

We at Bright Side selected 6 low-stress alarm clocks from Amazon that customers swear by, and we can’t wait to test them in our bedrooms.

Light alarm clock with sunrise simulation from Philips for natural waking up

What could feel better than waking up naturally, being exposed to warm rays of sun that gradually sneak into your bedroom in the morning? Many of us need to wake up long before the sun rises, and we can’t experience those simple joys.

Thanks to gifted designers, you can now buy an alarm clock that will create a realistic sunrise simulation in your bedroom every morning. This model has 20 personalized brightness settings that will help you create the best waking-up atmosphere. It also has 5 different sounds and a radio. If you are not ready to wake up yet, you can tap the alarm to snooze.

This alarm clock will not only wake you up in the morning in the most gentle way, but it can also help you fall asleep faster in the evening with the help of a sunset simulation.

Light alarm clock from Philips that will help you fall asleep relaxed and wake up refreshed

This alarm clock also uses light to simulate sunrise for low-stress waking up and sunset for falling asleep easier. This model has RelaxBreathe function that was inspired by popular breathing and relaxation exercises. This program will help you wind down and decompress from the stresses and worries of the working day.

If you need to get out of bed in the middle of the night, this alarm has a special midnight mode with soft light that provides just enough lighting for you to find your way in a dark room without stressing your body.

Multiple brightness settings will help you create the waking-up atmosphere you need in the morning. This model also has a snooze function that gets activated when you tap on top of the waking light.

Light alarm clock from Lumie that simulates sunset and sunrise combined with the sounds of nature

With this alarm clock, you can customize your waking-up experience by choosing the duration of your personal sunrise and the intensity of the final light. The duration of the sunset for falling asleep can also be adjusted. This model uses mixed LEDs that help it create a realistic sunrise and sunset impression.

With this model, you can wake up or fall asleep to light only, or you can add some sounds. The device offers a variety of 10 sounds that include thunderstorms, waves, tropical birds, and white noise.

The display of this alarm adjusts itself to the light level of your room and turns off when the room is dark. However, if you prefer the display to stay on, there’s a special “low” option available.

Radio alarm clock from i-box that will let you wake up to your favorite music and charge your devices while you sleep

This alarm lets you set 2 different wake-up times to guarantee you wake up in time. The LED display has 5 light levels that will help you find the perfect lighting mode for your room.

With this model, there’s no need to charge your devices away from your bed area. This alarm has a built-in wireless charging pad for easy charging with no wires. The alarm design features a soft-touch top face and premium materials that make it look amazing in any interior.

You can also use this alarm clock as a Bluetooth speaker that will fill your room with the sounds of your favorite music from your Smartphone while you’re getting ready for work. If you prefer radio, you can preset up to 10 FM stations you like.

Travel size alarm clock from NOKLEAD with weekend mode and a preset snooze

Do you want your alarm to wake you up from Monday to Friday only? One press lets you activate the weekend mode which will ensure deep and sound sleep on the weekends without that sudden irritating buzzing. This model also has 2 levels of alarm volume and backlight that will help you see the time at night.

A preset snooze function will help you get extra 9 minutes of peaceful sleep if you just touch the top of the alarm. Intuitive buttons make this device easy to use for kids and seniors.

The small size of this alarm makes it a perfect choice for traveling. The display supports both 12-hour and 24-hour formats.

Sleep training alarm clock for kids with soothing sounds of nature from I·CODE

Have a hard time establishing your kid’s bedtime routine? This alarm clock can become a good solution. Many little kids are not yet familiar with the concept of time. Sun and moon icons will tell your little one when it’s time to fall asleep or wake up.

Sound volume, color, and brightness are customized so that you can create the most pleasant bedroom atmosphere for your child.

The sound machine of the alarm lets you choose from 17 soothing natural sounds that include ocean, rain, and different animals like a frog, a cat, a cow, and a duck.

Which of these alarm clocks would you like to have and why?

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