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9 Little Details That Can Turn Your Apartment Into a Dream Home

In order to make living in an apartment more comfortable, some nuances should be planned at the renovation stage. However, the good news is that many devices can be installed without causing big changes to your home. For example, it’s easy to solve the issue of a huge amount of wires and extension cords scattered all around the home or minimize having your drain get clogged — there is even a way to get rid of the smell in the garbage can.

Twitter has a popular thread about useful life hacks for the home. Based on this thread, the Bright Side editorial did a small review of life hacks that can help make your life easier.

1. Garbage disposal

A garbage disposal is installed under the kitchen sink and all the waste goes right into it through the drain. When the receptacle gets filled with waste, you press a special button and the device will shred everything it has inside. After that, the contents are washed out into the sewage with the help of strong water pressure.

The main function of the garbage disposal is to prevent clogs and utilize organic waste, which is usually thrown into a garbage bin and soon starts to smell bad. You won’t need to take the garbage out every day.

2. Hygienic shower

The hygienic shower head has a plethora of uses, and apart from the obvious bidet-use advantage of not having to replace toilet paper, there is one more big plus — it’s much easier to clean the toilet with the help of this shower head. You can also wash your shoes with it if you don’t want to do it in the bathtub or in the sink. Even simply filling a bucket with water is much easier with this device.

What’s more, this shower is true salvation for the elderly. It’s difficult for them to get into the bathtub every day and this shower allows them to carry out washing procedures every day.

3. Master switch at the entrance to the apartment

Many hotels have a system of automatically switching off the electricity in the room: when the guest is leaving and takes out the room card from a special switch pocket, all the lights go out. You can install the same magical button in your apartment as well that will de-energize all your devices. You can make exceptions for some like the fridge, for example. That’s what a master switch is.

This button will be especially useful in situations when you are all dressed up and suddenly see that there is the light left on in some room. This life hack is crucial for those who always worry about whether they switched off the iron when they go out.

4. Cutting board that can be placed over the sink

The main advantages of this kind of cutting board are speeding up the cooking process (you wash and cut products in one place) and saving space (especially when your workspace is small).

5. Breather

A breather is a ventilation device with heating and air purification. It’s an irreplaceable unit when it comes to a house or apartment in a large polluted city. Its main goal is to supply fresh air from the outside. Unlike ACs, breathers work all year round.

6. Retractable sockets in the kitchen

You can build this kind of socket right into the table or into a kitchen counter. The biggest advantage of this solution is that the sockets won’t get dirty because they will be taken out only when necessary. Moreover, they don’t create visual noise.

7. Dim lights in the bathroom

You can place dim lights near the mirror and install a separate switch for them. This the perfect solution for those who often use the bathroom at night — your eyes won’t be blinded by the bright light. Another option to solve the issue is to install a dimmer that lets you control the brightness of the light. However, this option is more expensive.

8. Many electrical sockets

The more sockets there are in the apartment, the easier your life will be. Even if you are not planning to use many home appliances, you might need them in the future. If there is a scarcity of sockets, the room will be filled with extension cords, which in no way contributes to the beauty of the apartment.

For things like vacuum cleaners, you can install sockets right under the light switches because it’s unlikely that you will put a wardrobe or other furniture unit there and block the switch. It also means that the socket will be always available as well.

9. Sockets near windows

These sockets become especially useful before the holidays. Most curtain garland that is hung over the window usually has a short cord. That’s why you have to use an extension cord that ends up hanging somewhere in the middle of the wall. A socket installed near the window can solve this issue.

This solution might be helpful in the kitchen as well. For example, when there is little space and you need a microwave or other electrical home appliance — if there is a socket near the window, you’ll be able to put those appliances on the window sill.

What other life hacks could you add to our article?

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