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20 People Whose Parents Could Easily Be on the Cover of Fashion Magazines

Some people on the internet have dusted off their old photo albums and discovered pictures of their parents back in the day. These moms and dads naturally looked like fashion models, even while posing for just a high school glamour shot, a yearbook picture, or a candid photo.

Bright Side created the perfect album of old photos of parents who obviously have an innate ability to look natural and flawless in front of the camera.

1. “My gorgeous mom at 23 years old in 1983”

2. “Looking through some random boxes and found this nice picture of my mom from 1990.”

3. “I just graduated high school, so my mom busted out her senior portraits from 1982.”

4. “I remember people stopping us all the time when I was younger to tell my mom how much she looked like Princess Diana.”

5. “My mom’s high school glamour shot (1992)”

6. “Found an old pic of my mom from high school.”

7. “Found my mom’s senior pics from when she was 17 years old.”

8. “My beautiful mom at 20 years old. Pic taken by my dad when they were dating. Italy, Cinque Terre, 1982.”

9. “My mom and aunt in the ’70s, looking like an album cover”

10. “My dad’s slick senior portrait, 1969”

11. “Here’s my mom in the ’70s!”

12. “My mom circa the late ’70s”

13. “My mom in the ’80s, wearing my dad’s jacket”

14. “My glamorous mom in the 1950s. She danced all night, wore beautiful dresses, and was the kindest lady you could imagine.”

15. “My mom sent me her photo from back in the ’80s. She was a beauty.”

16. “My dad’s senior picture from the ’70s”

17. “My mom, modeling in the ’80s”

18. “My mom was a Boston Pahk Rangah in the ’80s.”

19. “My mom’s glamour shot, circa 1991”

20. “My mom’s graduation portrait, 1989”

When was the last time you checked your old family photo albums? See if your mom and dad have photo treasures like these and share them with us in the comments below!