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20+ Photos That Take 3 Looks and a Zoom to Get What’s Going On

Did you know that our brain generates about 12 watts of electricity? And this is enough to power a low-watt LED light. Now we are going to make your brain work even harder.

Bright Side has prepared a small competition here. Let's find out whose brain is the fastest. Take your stopwatch or use this site to figure out how much time you will spend trying to figure these photos out.

1. Who is wearing the heels here?

2. Are you sure that there is a girl in this one?

3. You seem to eat a lot of protein, kiddo. Or maybe that's your father?

4. A squirrel is trying to break into my mom's car again.

5. Just stop staring at me, please!

6. Be aware of pickpockets. They will do anything when they see a target.

7. The new type of Kit-Kat chocolate: CatCat

8. Already?

9. Once you see it, the spell is broken.

10. This dude has to gain weight. Oh, wait...

11. How often does she hit the gym?

12. Look again.

13. You are lucky to have such an elegant man.

14. Which animal do you see here?

15. It's hard to even figure it out.

16. She is so caring. I should learn from her.

17. Wow, you look so stylish now, bird. Give me the number of your hairdresser.

18. The hairy arm helped me to find reality.

19. Why are looking at me like this?

20. Believe me, this is not what you think it is.

21. Not the best design, I guess.

22. When you've been waiting for a prince on a white horse, but to get him you have become a horse yourself.

Bonus: how long have you been staring at the center of the circle trying to find something funny there?

Was it an easy task for you? Which picture took more time? Do not forget to share your results with us!

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