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10+ Kids Who Need Their Own Comedy Show

Babies as young as 1-month-old were observed to already appreciate humor in many shapes and forms. While it starts with tickling and peekaboo games, as the infants turn into mini-mes, they see what grown-ups giggle at and gradually develop their true, unashamed funny bone. Some of the things they come up with could easily be integrated into our favorite stand-up comedians’ shows.

Bright Side found 16 children that have creative answers to everything, especially unasked questions.

1. “My daughter won our town’s ’Name the Street Sweeper’ contest.”

2. “I got a moving-in card from my niece.”

3. “The kid’s going places!”


5. “My mom found one of my old tests from over 20 years ago when I was just a wee lad.”

6. “My sister is about to deliver her second child and my niece is not happy about it.”


8. “My daughter drew this in kindergarten, titled Moms Chatting After School.”

9. “My daughter roasted me for Father’s Day. I couldn’t be more proud.”


The dialogue reads:
— Hey lady, do you want to go on a date?
— I am just a dog with long hair.
— Oh, sorry to bother you.

11. “My niece left this for me before she left town.”


13. “My daughter is so considerate.”

14. “Caught my 7-year-old son trying to light a firework...”


16. “My 3-year-old daughter said she needed raisins...”

What’s your suggestion for the “Name the Street Sweeper” contest? If you could go back to being a kid, what’s the first thing you’d want to do?

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