15+ People Who Discovered Cool Features in Their Clothes

2 years ago

Manufacturers of clothing often introduce novelties, like additional zippers, different fasteners, stash pockets, cool patches, etc. Some of them are created to make clothes more convenient or functional, while others work to enforce the image of the brand.

At Bright Side, we found photos from Internet users who discovered cool features in their clothes.

“My pajamas have secret zippers that undo the sleeves.”

“My shirt has microfiber fabric sewn on the inside to clean glasses.”

This belt has a bottle opener built in.

“I found a little pocket sewn inside my new jeans.”

“The inside of my pants has care instructions of the Heimlich maneuver.”

“My brother’s winter jacket has this buckle. Looks great.”

“My flannel blanket isn’t flannel anymore under a green light.”

Dress pants with a secret pocket

This bag has a spring hook to keep your keys at hand.

“My old winter jacket has this tiny cell phone pocket.”

“Sales assistants were calling after me, ’Stop!’ And I was running away because couldn’t understand what was wrong.”

“Only now did I discover this thing on the inner side of my turtleneck. So that was why I made security gates beep in stores for the past 2 years. I thought they kept some spare parts in these pockets.”

“My socks have a secret pocket inside.”

“I just noticed my backpack’s chest strap is also a whistle.”

“My puffer jacket has this hare on its back.”

“This belt has a secret zipper pocket built into it.”

This tie is made with microfiber lining so you can clean your phone screen.

“My pants have 2 belt loops for belts of different widths.”

“My jumpsuit has secret zippers to help solve a delicate problem.”

“When you visit the ladies’ room, you don’t have to take it all down. You just need to unzip the bottom part.”

Do you like to find hidden features in your clothes? What’s your most unexpected find? Tell us in the comments below.


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