My Husband Confessed He Cheated on Me With My Mom; She Didn’t Even Apologize

4 months ago

Our parents and our spouses are often the dearest people in our life. But for our today’s heroine, her mom and her husband have become nearly the worst enemies. The shocked woman found out a dirty family secret, and she went online to share her story and get a piece of advice that could support her.

A desperate woman took to TikTok to reveal her painful story.

Laci Jane is a young woman, who experienced a life situation that could make a real drama movie scenario, but unfortunately, it happened in real life and hurt real feelings. The woman has taken to TikTok to post a series of shocking videos, that describe the story of her spouse’s infidelity with her own mom.

It must have been painful for Laci Jane to recount this story to her 40,000 followers, but the woman did it courageously, detailing the events that happened 14 years ago, and she did it with one and only purpose: to make people never lose hope, just like she did in the end of the story.

Her spouse’s infidelity was unfolded when Laci gave birth and had been struggling with a plenty of health issues. The woman’s mother went to work together with Laci’s husband, and also lived in the couple’s basement at that time.

The affair was a real shock for unsuspecting Laci Jane.

Laci Jane told in her video that her mom revealed that her husband’s been cheating on her with other women. She confronted him about it. He said, «Why doesn’t she tell you what her and I have been doing?» Laci was shocked and went to her mom.

She says, «I get out of the car and she knew. The look on her face, she was just white.» Laci said that she asked her mother to pack her bags and leave her house forever. But her mother persistently denied everything and was behaving like nothing had happened.

Then, the events took an even more surprising turn. The woman’s mom tried to involve Jane’s grandmother into the whole story, so that she could speak for her and help her deny the obvious. She persistently claimed that there was only hand-holding, and tried to present the whole story as innocent.

The incident was a shock for the whole family.

At that point, Jane was still unaware of the details about what her husband actually confirmed and accepted. Both her mother and grandmother were not speaking about any additional details beyond the cases of hand-holding.

Laci Jane said that to this day, her mom would not admit it. The woman has never apologized, and she still behaves like this never happened. Despite having gone through a painful divorce many years after this, her spouse’s account of the events has remained the same, which the woman thinks is a confirmation that the whole thing was not made up.

The double betrayal only made the woman stronger.

Despite having scars after the painful family experience, Jane confessed that the sad situation also directed her towards positive changes and personal growth. The woman revealed that she has been homeless a couple of times in her life, and that’s why she decided to start a non-profit organization. Her business now builds small homes for single mothers.

In the comments, showed a huge support for the distressed woman. “The way the phone is shaking... I know this still hurts. I’m so sorry this happened to you,” one user shared, while others wrote about the similar stories.

“My ex-husband accuses me of having an affair with his stepdad, I never did, but it broke my heart because his stepdad lied to him and kept hitting on me,” another person wrote. “My wife and my dad had an affair and ended up living together, they didn’t last, and they are super miserable,” another user revealed.

And here’s yet another family story about a woman, whose husband claims that he “accidentally” cheated on her, and here’s what she does as a payback.

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