10+ Mysterious Objects That’ll Seriously Mess With Your Brain

7 months ago

You ever come across stuff that just leaves you scratching your head? It happens to the best of us, like stumbling upon a weird knick-knack in your new crib or finding some shiny, funky thingamajig. Don’t drive yourself nuts trying to crack the code all by your lonesome! Chances are, the good ol’ internet has got your back, and fellow users are ready to spill the beans on what the heck that mystery thing is.

1. “Red waxy substance found in/around the keyhole of the lock on my front door.”

Answer: Turns out it was a family member’s lipstick that got on the key while it was in their purse.

Answer 2: So this happened one time when I was flipping houses for a dude. Went to unlock the door and noticed something covering the lock that looked like white lipstick. I looked around, and the other houses had it too. I called crime check, and they said it had been used as a method by squatters/burglars to see who on the block is using their key or even if there might be empty homes. Like how people sometimes go door to door pretending to sell solar panels, window replacements, or landscaping services, so they can see who answers in the middle of the day.

2. “Found in my dad’s room, really hoping it’s not what I think.”

Answer: It goes over shoes to give grip on ice.

3. “My many-years-old rain jacket has a smooth, somewhat flexible, seemingly plastic object sewn into the upper arm of the right sleeve only. What is it?”

Answer: Radar reflector for avalanche rescue purposes.

4. “Metal shards inside the shower head of the place I’m renting? What are these and why are they in there?”

Answer: Surely they are solder from copper plumbing. If you overheat the pipes while soldering, long strands like this can form on the inside. Definitely a sign of improper soldering, if that’s what they are.

5. “Double-bowl sink with a hole connecting them, tap does not reach the second bowl. All three sinks in this bathroom in a public space had one of these. What is it used for?”

Answer: It is for schools, you can put a sponge there.

6. “I bought this dish in a thrift store thinking it might be good for tacos. It wasn’t ideal. What’s it’s actual purpose?”

Answer: Looks like a toast rack to me.

7. “Found a several glass tubes filled with some brown gas in a school science lab.”

Answer: Very carefully put them down. Most likely, these contain Bromine. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but you sure don’t want a lung full of it if you break the glass tube.

8. “This slide-looking thing on the playground. It’s raised in the middle, and clearly not a slide.”

This is so cool I have been to this park before I think is it by a beach if so I know it


Answer: From what I understand, newer playgrounds have these things to encourage free play, it’s not a set thing like a slide or ladder. It’s just a shape that encourages movement and interaction.

9. “Pottery found at the thrift store. Artist doesn’t have social media. It has metal hooks inside.”

Answer: Something to dip their brushes into and then squeeze out the excess water between the wires.

10. “What is this pile of pink and yellow 1/2 inch strips.”

Answer: Dog food Purina Moist and Meaty Burger With Cheddar Cheese Flavor Dry Soft Dog Food Pouches.

11. “What are these compartments for on this bottle opener?”

Answer: I believe they’re extra bottle caps so you can recap your drink.

12. “Weird purple plastic object with a suction cup on bottoms.”

Answer: It’s a massager.

13. “These small recesses found all over our house.”

Answer: There used to be open flame burners that connected to gas as a heat source in the early 1900s before forced air, and sometimes they would be set into the wall like this.

14. “Green, translucent substance found on the beach, looks like glass but has gel or jello like consistency.”

Answer: It might be sodium polyacrylate. It’s the stuff commonly used nowadays in diapers to absorb moisture. It starts out more solid and turns into a jelly texture after being exposed to water.

15. “Had this when I was younger, small cylinder tightly wrapped tissue paper all different lengths and color.”

Answer: Paperoni! There was a plastic machine that cut different lengths, and you stick them together to make things.

16. “It resembles a finger, but clearly it isn’t. I thought that maybe it was archeological fecal matter but comparing it to pictures makes me rethink that.”

Answer: It’s a fossilized coral.

The internet is brimming with mysterious objects that the online world is eager to unravel.

Preview photo credit AlphaMetroid / Reddit


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