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10 Non-Obvious Signs That Your Child May Be Ahead in Terms of Development

Typically “negative” or “bad” behavior, like being a chatterbox, being bossy, or moving around non-stop can actually be signs that a child is highly advanced. Despite it being something all parents may struggle with, it can be a positive sign that your child is gifted and highly developed, both emotionally and intellectually.

Bright Side has researched the most common signs that your child is a fast developer, helping you to understand them better.

1. They have a lot of energy.

Your child may be bursting with enthusiasm and energy when it comes to their favorite activities, itching to start the day. Such high levels of energy may be a sign that their minds are highly engaged as they constantly seek new activities and experiences.

2. They hold long eye contact as a baby.

This means that they’re aware of their environment and alert as to what’s going on around them. For very young babies, it means that they’ve learned to coordinate their eyes. Such awareness from an early age can be a sign that they’re developing quickly.

3. They’re chatterboxes.

Children with advanced development prefer to chat with people older than themselves, such as a teacher or older children. This is because they often prefer to have conversations about things that interest them rather than playing with children their own age.

4. They have good motor skills in the early years.

Activities such as smiling, rolling over, as well as putting on socks, all involve our children’s key motor skills. This means that advanced motor development in our children involves the growth and strengthening of their muscles and bones and their ability to move and touch their environment.

In fact, one study says that good motor skills are related to higher intelligence later in life. Just another reason to help your child get involved with the wonders of the world around them!

5. They’re emotionally sensitive.

Research reveals that the emotional intelligence of first-grade girls is connected to their intellectual abilities. Therefore, if your child is particularly emotionally aware, it could be a sign that they have highly developed emotional intelligence and possibly strong intellectual skills.

6. They’re more creative.

Sometimes it may feel like they’re running you off your feet with their eagerness to play, but this may be a sign that they’re highly creative. They may have many new ideas and be problem fixers, make up long and detailed stories, and invent complicated games to play.

7. They have unusual hobbies and obsessions.

You may notice that your child is obsessed with some topics or that they’re always engaged in a hobby. These hobbies and obsessions can be a sign that they’re highly developed as they focus on their interests and are able to learn more in the end.

8. They’re messy eaters in their first years.

A study tells us that 16-month-olds learn by interacting and getting messy with objects, especially food. Those who interact with their food get a better understanding of non-solid objects and are better at identifying them later.

9. They’re bossy.

This can be a sign that they have a developed appreciation of leadership. Children can be overly enthusiastic about making complex rules and making new discoveries. This can mean that they sometimes forget to check with the other children they’re playing with, meaning that they become bossy and demanding.

10. They’re a perfectionist.

When they’re being creative or studying in school, they want to make sure that everything is exactly right. They pay attention to detail and spend time working on things to make sure that everything is perfect in their eyes. This kind of focus is something that children with high abilities sometimes have.

Do you have anything to add that we’ve left out? We’d love to hear about your experiences in child development!

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