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15 Comics About School Life That All Parents Can Relate To

People without children might not notice this, but parents are present in every single stage of their kids school life. In one way or another, they were there when the teacher asked them to present their project in front of the whole class, when they got bullied by an older kid, and when they made their first friend. The parents fought the same battles as their kids, rejoiced during their victories, and lifted them up when they needed it the most.

And that’s why, as a tribute to all those dedicated parents, Bright Side wanted to show some of the good and not-so-good situations that come with your kids’ school life and that, as a parent, you live with every day.

1. Let’s start with that moment of the day when you ask yourself if your child really has to go to school...

2. And what about the occasional oversight?

3. But it’s maybe even worse when they’re the ones who forget something (and remember it at the very last minute).

4. Then every morning they go into hibernation mode, or worse.

5. Yep, all parents know the “super-useful” group chat that nobody actually wants to be part of.

6. And it’s so heartbreaking when you miss the play you’ve been rehearsing together for months.

7. But we will always be there no matter what.

8. Because we’re parents and we’re proud of it.

9. And even if there are days where we feel like we can’t handle it anymore...

10. ...The smallest detail (that you’ll probably keep forever) reminds you that it’s totally worth it.

11. And there might be a time where you have to deal with a few annoying parents.

12. Or it’s our kids that will put our patience to the test.

13. Of course, sooner or later, the uncomfortable questions will be answered by their classmates.

14. But even after having them lose 10,000 items that you had to buy twice...

15. You know that one day school life will be over, and you will be proud of the person you helped raise and who turned into the awesome adult he or she is now.

Can you relate to any of the situations portrayed in the comics? Which one was your favorite? What anecdote of your kids’ school life comes to mind? Share your thoughts, pictures, and anecdotes with us in the comment section and tag them on social media (even if you know they might be a little bit embarrassing).