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15+ Pics That Prove Kids Come From Another Planet

One of the biggest advantages of having children is the endless giggles we have while raising them. With kids, hilarious stories are mostly unintentional and are way funnier than most staged pranks and even the best-scripted jokes.

At Bright Side, we collected a list of kids and toddlers who have no idea how funny they are, and it’ll make your day.

1. “Baby Ryan does manly things.”

2. “Throwback to the day my granddaughter was too quiet. That’s my $60/oz eyeliner.”

3. “My little brother made a chicken at school.”

4. “My granddaughter found an interesting lizard. This girl has no fear!”

5. “The way my kid currently eats his food”

6. “My son accidentally swallowed a tooth. He was upset the tooth fairy wouldn’t be coming. So he wrote a note and put it under his pillow.”

7. “My stressful Monday morning turned to laughs after my son scared the hell out of me!”

8. “My son made me a sandwich with ’a little mustard.’”

9. “My granddaughter has heterochromia. Today at preschool they drew self-portraits.”

10. “My daughter submitted this to Google many years ago. It still makes me laugh.”

11. “Going through my old photos and found one of my daughter plotting something.”

12. “Just my granddaughter wearing her favorite gift from me.”

13. “How my kid views me and my wife”

14. “Found out my kid had this on his school classroom wall all year.”

15. “My kid didn’t want to fold her laundry, so proceeded to hang everything in the closet instead.”

16. “First there was crying and then there was laughing. So much laughing. Don’t worry, the baby is fine.”

Which picture made you chuckle the most. Do you have any funny stories or pictures of your own little one? We’d love for you to share in the comment section.

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