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15+ Stories About Grandmas Whose Spirit of Adventure and Sense of Humor Grow Stronger With Age

We are used to thinking that all grandmothers are gentle creatures, who are always ready to feed their grandchildren their favorite meals, who secretly buy them toys, and who often need help with their phones. But not all grandmothers are like that. Some of them are still able to surprise you.

We at Bright Side are delighted with the spontaneity of some older people, so we have collected several stories proving that age is not an obstacle if you want to have fun.

  • My grandma started riding a motorcycle at the age of 90. The local motorcycle club made her sign a waiver for these ride-alongs, but she was like, “Sure, I could fall and die. But I could also die getting out of the bathtub. I may as well enjoy myself.” © boringgrill135797531 / Reddit

  • In 2006, I asked my grandmother, who is 103 years old now, what the greatest invention was in her opinion. She said that it was an automatic washing machine. My grandmother raised 9 children in 20 years, so things were much more difficult without this device. © yelsnia / Reddit

  • Grandma: “Does it hurt to get a tattoo?”

I: “Yes, very much.”

Grandma: “How long will it stay with you? For a couple of months?”

I: “For my whole life.”

Grandma: “Thank God! Otherwise, why would it be worth it to go through so much trouble?”

I: *chocked on my coffee* © hriss_tos / Twitter

  • My grandmother used to be a pilot. She’s 77 years old now. Yesterday, I was playing GTA and I was flying a plane. My grandma saw it and asked me to teach her. As a result, she spent 2 hours playing and she played just as well as younger people. © “Overheard” / Ideer
  • The real fortune isn’t money. The real fortune is when your 92-year-old grandmother calls you and says, “The movie about that weird blue hedgehog will be released soon. You used to play computer games with this character when you were a kid. I can’t go with you, but I think you should see it.” © di_lirium / Twitter
  • A friend of mine went to a concert of a metal band and the members signed his T-shirt. He asked his grandma to embroider over the signatures, so they wouldn’t be washed off. I should mention that some of the things they wrote weren’t very decent, but his grandma had a good laugh about it. © masterkaz / Reddit

  • My grandma is so cool. She was supposed to marry a man who was chosen by her parents. But right before the wedding, she changed her mind, climbed up to the roof, announced in front of the whole village, “I don’t want this man, I want that one,” and pointed at my grandfather. © IronicBacon / Reddit

  • My grandma is always like, “Oh my God, I don’t have enough time to cook anything!” Also my grandma, “I’ve made 400 dumplings, pilaf, some soup, meatballs, 20 meat pies, 600 sweet dumplings with cherries, and 150 potato flapjacks.” © Wizard_Severus / Twitter

  • Today, my grandmother bought a refrigerator, a huge plasma TV, and a sofa. I asked her, “Why such a change?” And she replied to me, “I was saving up for my funeral, but since I survived, I decided to treat myself!” These words almost made me cry. She recently underwent a serious surgery. © “Overheard” / Ideer

  • My grandmother, who is 72 now, is still quite a charming lady. When she sees a handsome man near a pedestrian crossing, she asks him to help her cross the road. Of course, they usually don’t refuse to help a nice old lady. And later, she proudly says, “Today, I was walking arm in arm with a handsome man again.” © “Overheard” / Ideer

What funny stories have happened to your grandparents?

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