18 Bright Siders Share Photos of Grandmothers and Grandkids Proving Genes Rock

Grannies are amazing people! They always think we aren’t hungry enough and are too skinny. They know dozens of fairytales and have many cool stories to tell. They give us a piece of themselves and it can be clearly seen in our appearance.

Bright Side readers know this well. They shared photos where grannies and their grandkids look like twins. And this is direct proof of the power of genes.

1. “Me on the left, my granddaughter on the right... Same age, 4 years old”

2. “This is my daughter and my mom! Same teddy — 60 years difference!”

3. “This is my mom and my youngest son.”

4. “This is my great-grandmother on my mother’s side. Next to her is my nephew.”

5. “Me and my paternal grandmother”

6. “Me and my youngest grandson at the same age”

7. “My daughter and her grandma, same age, same hairstyle”

8. “Unfortunately my grandmother died a few months after I was born, but I did inherit some DNA from her!”

9. “My daughter and my mother!”

10. “My grandmother and me, proud to look like her. She was everything to me.”

11. “My paternal grandmother and I”

12. “Me and my maternal Nana, around the same age”

13. “Me on the left, at 6 years old. My granddaughter on the right, at 6 years old!”

14. “Me and my grandma. Friends do a double take when they see pictures of her.”

15. “Grandma and granddaughter”

16. “My great grandmother Lilly and me”

17. “This is me and my paternal grandmother! I never met her, but OMG we could be twins.”

18. “My twin sister looks like my paternal grandmother.”

Do genes prove their power in your family? Who do you look like? Show us your photos in the comments.

Preview photo credit Devie Sparkles / Facebook
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