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10+ People Whose Love Can’t Be Destroyed by Routine and Everyday Struggles

Love is truly about the little things. A person who loves you will cover you with a blanket if you accidentally fall asleep, make you a cup of hot tea if you’re cold, prepare a cake for your birthday, and protect you from blinding sunlight. And if you think that true romance doesn’t exist anymore, you’re wrong — it’s just sometimes, we fail to notice it because of our everyday struggles.

Bright Side dove into the internet to find pictures and tweets full of care and love. They’ll probably make you take a closer look at the people around you or remind you why you fell in love with your partner in the first place.

“I noticed this couple at dinner. The woman was being blinded by the sunset, so her date just did that. I’m sobbing!”

“My wife asked me to help her with her computer. I fixed it and told her all she had to do was to google the problem. Then she said, “You are my Google.”

“My husband and I made a pillow and blanket fort for our date night. We don’t have kids, so this was just for us.”

“Last weekend, I married my best friend who I’ve been with for 11 years.”

He came, he saw her, and they got married.

“An elderly man sitting on the floor of the passenger-side of his car feeding his beloved wife ice cream...”

When you really appreciate your relationship:

“Somebody took this photo of me and my wife at my sister’s wedding. It might seem silly, but I just can’t stop looking at it over and over again.”

When you love a person, it’s impossible to be fooled:

“I met a girl from another city on a dating app. I traveled to see her, and the next day I took her home with me. We got married after 6 months of being together, and after 10 months, our son was born.”

Love is all about the little things:

“I made a quilt for the 40th birthday of my husband, who is a gamer!”

You never know where you’ll meet your true love:

“My boyfriend sent me this photo and told me we will fill every single place with our pictures.”

“Adventure awaits”

What little things or grand gestures has your partner used to express their love? How do you show that you care about the person you’re in love with?

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