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18 Stories That Prove There’s No Love Like a Father’s Love

Family will always be that safe place to which we turn in times of need. You can be tired of everyday life, but never really of your mother. And while that remains largely true, you probably shouldn’t forget that a father’s affection is just as important.

Bright Side compiled different ways in which some daddies express their love and care for their children. We hope it serves as inspiration and brings a little warmth to your heart.

1. “I’m a newly divorced dad trying to impress my kids!”

2. “I was 7, in bed, and realized I would die one day. I cried and my dad made this in response”

“He wrote a nice inscription on the back, which was a little more elaborate. It was in marker and has faded in time. I didn’t think about it too much growing up, but I lived my childhood to the fullest I would say, and I think more because of the intention, a gesture like this from my dad early on really instilled a sense of confidence in me. That I had someone who always had my back and would be there for me when I had doubts.”

3. “I told my dad I like Sprite yesterday. This morning I woke up to this.”

4. “Unexpected gift I got in the mail today from my sweetheart of a dad”

5. “A note that my dad randomly gave me.”

6. “My daughter lost her 2nd lost tooth. I guess the tooth fairy does things a bit differently these days.”

7. “Today, I reached the mountain top as a single dad.”

8. “Every year on my birthday my dad lays out my childhood toys ‘The Guys’ and it makes him so excite”

9. “Father of the Year, my SO doing the most for our son after his toy went deep into a lake.”

10. “My dad overheard me complaining about gas prices and surprised me by sending me money to help with gas.”

11. “Shout out to all the dads helping with school projects.”

“I give you the Boy Childs viking longboat, complete with barcode, so they can Scan-De-Navy-In.”

12. “My dad (who suffers from a TBI and memory loss) remembered my favorite drink.”

13. “My dad and I aren’t on the best terms, but once in a while I get texts from him that shows me he still cares about me.”

14. “My dad, a car guy, has put reminders like this on every car I’ve owned.”

“My fiancée doesn’t have a relationship with his father, but recently discovered this note from mine on his car.”

15. “My Dad died a couple of years ago and my top comment of the year reminded me what a great Dad he was.”

16. “Going through a rough patch. My dad is amazing”

17. “My husband working on his Masters degree while holding one of our twin boys.”

18. “My dad is chasing me, so he can eat me back in 1993.”

“This is the very first and best memory of my life, I was like 2 years old, but I can see and feel this moment like it was yesterday.”

What memories do you have of your parents? Do you have any images that help you remember them? Share them in the comments.

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