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19 Sincere Photos That Show the Ups and Downs of Being a Single Father

Many people believe that mothers are more involved in their children’s upbringing. However, it’s only a stereotype. There are many fathers in this world who have to bring up their children alone. But they don’t give up and always do their best to play both roles of a father and a mother. They braid their daughters’ hair, help them paint their nails and shave their legs, and they even bake and wrap presents.

At Bright Side, we were really impressed by the touching stories single dads shared on the Internet, and we want to share the best stories with you.

“I’m a single dad of 2 daughters. My oldest daughter wanted a gross-out themed birthday, so I made my first ever cake. She loved it!”

“It’s not always easy being a single dad but sometimes I get to experience some things other dads might not.”

“My son wants to be a firefighter. So I built him a fire truck bed.”

“It isn’t easy to be a single dad. These are the little things that they’ll remember.”

“I’m slowly figuring out this single dad thing.”

While some other single dads master this skill on new levels...

If you have daughters, you need to learn how to paint nails too...

...or your nails will be painted.

“As a single father, my greatest joy in life is this little mini-me right here. Here’s one for all the responsible single dads out there: your children are blessed to have you. Keep up and stay strong.”

“My daughter said that it’s time to make us beautiful.”

“My first Halloween as a single dad”

“These were supposed to be Minnie Mouse blueberry pancakes.”

“My son’s pop warner team won the local super bowl, so I asked him how he wanted to celebrate and he said fishing without a second of hesitation. As a single dad, I was happy.”

“My daughter asked when I’d teach her how to shave her legs. Well, today was the day...”

“As a single dad, this pretty much sums up my life right now.”

First attempts of a single dad to make a Spider-man cake

Sometimes you just need to find a way.

“A tooth fairy visited my son last night.”

Bonus: why men’s rooms need real changing tables too.

How did you and your father spend time together when you were a kid? Share with us!

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