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20 Inventions for Kids That Are So Good Even Adults Will Wanna Use Them

From handy kitchen tools to growth-enhancing games and activities, there are several cool inventions out there that can make your kid self-sufficient, build their creativity, and ensure that they have a healthy playtime. Plus, by keeping kids busy, these gadgets can also give parents a much needed moment of peace.

Bright Side has picked 20 inventions that your little one will definitely love.

1. Sandwich (or waffle) holder, for less mess and more self-feeding

2. Avocado pool float, with a removable seed-like ball

3. BabyShusher, which uses the human voice and rhythmic sounds to make babies fall asleep

4. Air fort, which fully inflates in 30 seconds

5. A mix-as-you-eat cup

6. A back seat cooler that instantly cools the back area of a car

7. Portable bedside sleeper for babies

8. Indoor strap swing

9. Bathtub ball set, to keep your baby entertained during bath time

10. World’s smallest glow worm: Squeeze this tiny cuddly bug to light it up.

11. Baby bottle holder, which improves hand-eye coordination

12. 100 water balloons in 60 seconds

13. NumNum spoon: For teething babies to practice baby-led weaning — there’s no wrong way to hold it and no balancing needed.

14. Indoor treehouse with a working door and windows

15. Customizable LED backpack

16. Dinosaur lunch box

17. Switch extender

18. Pull out cabinet stool, so little ones can reach the sink

19. Anti-soggy cereal bowl

20. Onesie with magnetic closures instead of buttons

Which of these cool inventions would you like to try?

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