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8 Games That Can Boost Your Child’s Intellect

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The most obvious and probably the oldest game, which is still popular, is chess and, if taken with a good attitude and perparation, can be an aswear for all the boredom problemds. And you don't even need a chess board. It's even better to prepare one with your kids, you can just draw it on paper, or make with a lego bricks etc. Parents, you don’t have to know how to play yourself to teach your full of energy kids! There is a game based on chess called the Story Time Chess. It uses a chess teaching method that has been perfected for over a decade, kids will LOVE learning chess through fun stories and exercises. Learning chess helps with: academic performance, improving test scores, arithmetic skills, critical thinking and boosting emotional intelligence. Introducing chess to our children is a very good idea. It's important to know, it might sound obvious, but isn't so, that you can do it from a very young age and you don't have to explain it with proper rules. Why? This is the obvious part - because there is no fun in it. But with books like this, by Richard James, or like the one writen by Makism Aksanov ( and by many, many more chess entthusiasts, it's very easy to teach with all the fun and play, and make with this game a very rich, fantasy world of our kids :)