What Babies Enjoy Most When They’re in the Womb

What Babies Enjoy Most When They’re in the Womb

A close bond between you and your baby is formed much earlier then you might think. According to a Psychological Science study, a fetus can sense the mother’s psychological state. Unborn babies get signals through your body (and soul) so it’s your job to give positive ones.

We at Bright Side are all for happy moms and happy babies, so here is what brings your little ones the most of joy!

8. Sweet foods

Babies begin to distinguish various flavors at week 13-15 of pregnancy. Your amniotic fluid tastes like the food you eat, and babies swallow it and get used to different tastes. Hurray for pregnancy cravings!

Food preferences are settled in utero. So if you want to make sure that your child is a “good eater” in the future, eat a wide range of healthy foods throughout pregnancy. And know that babies are particularly fond of sweeter things because it predisposes them to breast milk.

7. Taking warm baths

When babies are big enough to be pressed toward the mother’s belly skin, they can sense temperature changes. That’s why a hot bath brings them discomfort and can be dangerous. A warm bath, on the contrary, makes you and the baby calm and relaxed.

The sounds of flowing water can also help the baby’s well-being. To make it even better, pour water over your belly and feel the reaction.

6. Belly rubs

The touch receptors of your child begin developing around week 8, and around 20 weeks babies are big enough to feel your touch from the outside too. During this period, they can enjoy tender belly rubs.

This is a great way to bond and the soon-to-be dad can get involved in the process, as well. Use massage oils or creams and stroke your belly in soft light movements while listening to pleasant and relaxing music.

5. Listening to your voices

At weeks 25-26, babies start to respond to the noises they hear outside the womb. And as your voice is the one they hear clearer than any other, they learn to recognize it. It also brings them comfort and reassurance and signals that everything is alright. An effective way to develop a relationship and get your baby accustomed to the sounds of your voice is to read out loud or to just talk.

Other relatives’ voices are also a pleasure to hear. Especially the father’s voice, as it is easier for babies to distinguish deeper tones. All the other chatter around your belly prepares babies for understanding intonations and sound combinations in their native language.

4. Hearing music

Prenatal music has several benefits. In the mother’s case, it produces the serotonin hormone and promotes the release of endorphins which are transferred to the baby, as well. In the case of the baby, music stimulates their senses and promotes brain development.

Play music at an appropriate volume, because the baby can still hear it inside you. Consider going to classical music concerts and expose your baby to a variety of sounds.

3. Regular exercise

The key to choosing the right exercises during pregnancy is this: it should be safe, appropriate, and approved by a doctor. Cardio exercise is the best kind of activity during this period. Babies’ hearts develop better and are stronger if their moms regularly exercise.

Cardio also makes the heart rate slower, and it’s good because a higher heart rate leads to fetal distress.

2. Your periods of rest

Your periods of rest are their periods of fun! It’s the time babies get busy, as none of your daily activities, movements, and routines interfere with their to-do lists. They start practicing acrobatics and experience new motions.

Such performances don’t last for too long, so you’ll have time to relax too. Closer to the end of the pregnancy, the baby will take sleeping breaks for 70-90 minutes, so their moving regimen will have some patterns.

1. Mom’s laughter

Ultrasounds have shown that fetuses begin bouncing up and down when their moms laugh. A trampoline reaction sets in motion — mom laughs even harder and the baby keeps bouncing too. It happens because of muscle contractions.

The happiness hormones that are released when you feel great and enjoy yourself directly benefit babies too. So make sure to create as many positive moments as possible.

Pregnancy is the time to experience positive emotions and make the most of it. The better you feel, the healthier and happier your child will be. So give them as much of the things mentioned above as you can.

Share your stories of bonding with your babies before they were born in the comments below!

Daniil Shubin for Bright Side
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