Why It’s Better to Let Your Kids Struggle on Their Own Rather Than Constantly Helping Them

Helicopter parenting can harm kids in many ways. Being too involved in your child’s life can lead to depression and low self-esteem, as well as leave them rather unprepared for life’s challenges. On the other hand, letting them solve some difficulties on their own has many benefits.

We at Bright Side really care about helping you raise happy and confident kids, so we have found out what these benefits are so we could share them with you.

1. It’s important for development.

There are some important stages that a child has to pass, and crawling is one of them. It not only helps to develop and enhance coordination and the vestibular and sensory systems, but also the child’s cognition and problem-solving skills. That’s why you shouldn’t limit your kid’s movements: just make sure they are safe enough and let them achieve their little goals.

2. It builds problem-solving skills.

Learning to handle difficult situations on their own is crucial for kids. They need to make their own decisions in order to develop certain skills, and some of their decisions may even be wrong. But that’s okay because children learn not only from successes but also from failures.

3. It teaches to manage their emotions.

Kids need to learn how to behave in accordance with their age and certain situations. While crying in response to something may be absolutely normal for 1-year-old babies, older children should be able to react differently. So you should encourage them to slow down and more carefully choose an effective response, instead of being impulsive, experts say.

4. It makes kids smarter.

Doing difficult school assignments together with your kid can actually do more harm than good. A perfect paper, done with your help, will not make them any smarter. In contrast, getting a bad grade can be a good learning opportunity. It will help them to figure out how to prevent mistakes in the future, and they will also see that the world doesn’t end if they mess up sometimes.

5. It helps with self-regulation.

It is really important for kids to fail sometimes, as this is the only thing that can teach them to react properly when they feel bad. Experts say that not learning to tolerate failure leaves kids vulnerable to anxiety. Failures will inevitably occur, and they have to know how to deal with them in a balanced and calm way.

6. It teaches them that asking for help is okay.

And, of course, children should learn to ask for help when they need it, without being afraid or ashamed. For that, your reaction to a kid’s difficulties should be adequate, so that they have positive experiences when they reach out for support. And when something more serious happens, they’ll feel more safe and secure in asking for help.

What are your tips for raising kids in a proper way?

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