10 Items of Women’s Clothes That Irritate Men

There are some types of women's clothing that men, to put it mildly, don't like and don't understand. But sometimes they don't dare to mention it, or they consider it indelicate to tell their beloved women about it.

Bright Side analyzed men's forums and magazines and created a list of women's clothing that irritates the stronger half of humanity. Yes, they care about what you're wearing.

Leggings and weird pants

Despite popular belief, men don't mind women wearing pants. But there are some styles they dislike: baggy pants and leggings. The first break body proportions, and the second deprive a woman of her mystery.

Shirt dresses and T-shirt dresses

When men see a woman wearing such a thing, they start wondering what it is: a dress or a huge T-shirt? And if the second, why is she not wearing pants? Besides, this style suits few people.

Shorts over tights

This is what the stronger half of humanity will never understand. Maybe shorts became more than just summer clothing according to women, but in men's minds they look weird with boots and hats.

Barbie pink

It would seem weird that men don't like the most girly color, but it's true. Pink has many shades, and there are those more pleasing to the eye among them such as peony, powder, or rose quartz.

Sequins and sparkles on clothes

Such an abundance of decorations on clothes confuses men and seems excessive to them. They associate sequins with New Year's Eve and childhood, and if their companion is wearing something like this they might be afraid of touching her.


If you like ruffles, ruches, and bows, it's better to avoid wearing them on a date. As it turns out, the stronger half of humanity isn't happy with all this cute eccentric stuff.

Ripped clothes

Another thing men cannot understand: ripped jeans and clothes that look sloppy. So if your boyfriend isn't a grunge fan, it's better to not test his sense of fashion.


Surprisingly, miniskirts are on the list of antisexual clothes. Men just don't understand skirts that hide nothing.

Ugg boots

Since they're shapeless, Ugg boots have earned a bad name among men. These fleece boots add volume to legs where it shouldn't be. And men think it looks weird.

High heel platform boots

These boots seem to men too aggressive and arouse associations...with strippers. This also applies to the shoes of this type.

What do men find attractive?

There are things that always stay trendy: skinny jeans with simple T-shirts, evening dresses, bell-shaped skirts, button-down blouses, and any clothes that don't look like the product of a mad designer's imagination. Besides, these clothes usually look expensive and suit everyone.

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